Day: August 2, 2021

Mon. Aug. 2, 2021 – same old stuff- you’d think I would try something new

Hot and humid, possible rain. Pretty much like every day here. We call it ‘summer’. Certainly was hot and humid yesterday. Hid in the house all day.

Didn’t get much done yesterday. Did some small office things, a couple of repairs from the stack. Finished the three small projects I started yesterday for auction. Opened some mail.

Cooked breakfast (spam slices and instant hash brown potatoes, d2’s favorite breakfast.)

Cooked dinner (lamb roast, canned peas, boiled cubed turnips, shelf stable bread.)

D1’s cut cheek continues to heal. Little bit of bruising showing now which is consistent with the mechanism of injury.

Puppy will poop in the house when there are people home, but mostly doesn’t when people are not here. Strange. He doesn’t get any attention at all unless we catch him in the act, so that’s not it. The joys of having a toddler in the house.

Today should be messing around in the house and yard, spending some time with the kids and dog, and one pickup.

Maybe move some more stuff around. So I can stack some more.

Stack it up. Bad times are coming.


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