Day: August 20, 2021

Fri. Aug. 20, 2021 – and time keeps flying by…

Sunny and hot, humid, possible rain, and maybe all three. Didn’t get any rain here at the house yesterday but someone must have. It was actually a bit cooler, but very humid, so the breeze in the shade took some of the heat away from baking in the sun…

After spending most of the morning working on my client’s upgrade plans, I walked to my mechanic to pick up my Ranger. It’s only a few blocks, maybe a mile. I didn’t do too bad, kept up my pace and wasn’t breathing hard at the end. It was HOT in the sun, but a lot of my route was shaded.

Truck needed a bunch of stuff along with the brakes and suspension. I’ve still got the accident damage to repair, and the windshield to replace. That will have to wait though as I get some of this auction stuff out of the way. Having the funds ready to pay for the work made it all a lot easier.

Had an interesting conversation with the guys at my mechanic’s shop. They are all Persian immigrants and all hustle to make successful lives for themselves and their families. They are all around my age, a couple a few years older, so they were there and saw it happen. I’ve mentioned talking with them before. They were surprised that I knew some of the history of the area and the period of the Shaw’s overthrow and the rise of the extremists. Anyway they see a balkanization of the US as inevitable. Bosnia/Herzegovina etc writ large on this continent. The timeline is the only real question in their minds and they are hoping for 8-10 years. I agree with them about the direction we’re heading, but while it might take 10 years, it won’t be that long before it starts.

I think we’d naturally end up with something like the Nine Nations of North America, but it won’t happen ‘naturally’. As many have pointed out, it’s not red state vs blue states, it’s blue cities vs everyone else. The geography that our natural dissimilarities would support won’t be allowed to happen because of the blue hives in the middle. There won’t be any clearly different territories because each of the sections has blue in it and the fighting will be blue city vs red country.

One thing I’m pretty sure of is that it won’t happen without a ton of bloodshed. And the disruption to the country, economy, and the world will be biblical. A while back I opined that in 10 years I’d have a Republic of Texas passport. Time is ticking, and I still think so.

My goal now is to get through the disruption and out the other side. I think prepping can do that. There isn’t a Roman Empire anymore but there are still people living in Rome.

Stack it high. Learn it well. Practice what you preach. Pass it on.


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