Fri. Nov. 20, 2020 – or 11202020 – or TGIF

Another great fall day, I hope.  We are supposed to get rain, but only in a little ring around Houston, for the next couple of days.  Any change in weather patterns and that little spot will miss us.  I hope anyway.

It got up to 81F yesterday, but was back to 68F at night.  Other than being a bit too humid, basically great weather.  Clear sky, light breeze, warm sun.

Being that I didn’t feel fantastic, I was moving a bit slowly yesterday.  I did manage to get a few things done, and I did get a wuflu test.  Talked to my mom in Florida and she sound ok with us missing Thanksgiving with her.  Even thinking about the trip seems nuts to me, but I’m not always driving the bus.

The election stuff continues to evolve.  We’re learning some stuff about the process and the machines and the companies involved that is frankly incredible.  Lou Dobbs says we don’t even know the true ownership of the companies doing the counting…  FFS, I thought it was bad in the old days when one company provided the de facto results based on exit polls and really, whatever they wanted to say… and the count was kind of an afterthought.  No matter what comes out of this, it’s not going to be good.  Even if it’s all laid out and irrefutable, the damage done will be massive.  A total reset of voting processes will be needed to restore public confidence.  The chances of either of those things being true seem to be slim at this point.  We are truly at a crossroad.

I’ve said for some time that I think we are in one of those periods where everything changes, the shape of the whole world gets rearranged.   Last time we benefited enormously.  Who will benefit this time, as it seems unlikely to be us?

Periods of rapid change and realignment are rarely much fun for the ordinary people living through them.  Oh some people will rise like the robber barons, but most of us will be lucky to keep what we have-think europeans after WWII for example.  I don’t think I want to live as a DP wandering around Eastern Europe.

I want to live comfortably in the country I grew up in.  I’m gonna do what I can to make that happen.  And I’m going to keep stacking so I have some resources available.  Cuz seriously, what do YOU think will happen when Trump’s team lays out the evidence for the steal, but loses anyway?  Or if he somehow pulls it off, what do you think the radical left will do when his “coup” is successful?

Keep stacking.



added- I scanned through 11 pages of those results and found only a couple that predated the election, and those were from unabashed socialist sources.

Preparations to respond are already under way. A manual titled Hold the Line lays out how to form local “election protection” committees and start organizing for coup resistance.[6] Numerous organizations and coalitions are actively preparing for responding if Trump and his supporters disrupt the election and attempt to nullify its results. They include Choose DemocracyNational Council On Election Integrity, Keep Our Republic , Stand Up America , and People’s Strike!. Others are keeping a low public profile unless and until open resistance is necessary. Protect the Results, a joint project of Indivisible and Stand Up America, has already organized actions in 233 locations for 5:00 p.m. local time on November 4.