Mon. Nov. 16, 2020 – just another manic Monday…

Warm and windy.  Humid.  Sunny.  That’s my hope anyway.

Well, something blew into town.  It went from 70F to 50F at midnight, and it’s currently 44F at 6AM.  Good thing I don’t get paid to be a weatherman.  Or if I did, it’s a good thing they don’t get paid to be right.

Spent yesterday doing cleanup and reorganization.  Found some stuff I lost.  I hate losing stuff.  I’ll have to email the guy and see if he still needs the thing I found.  When I finally sell something it’s a real bummer to cancel the sale because I can’t find the item…

Today I’m at home with daughter two.   My wife is in the office MWF this week.  Daughter one is at school.   That will give me a chance to do stuff here.  There is always a pile of stuff to do here.

Time to get cracking.  And stacking.




*anyone think it’s NOT shifty as hell that the one voting machine company is controlled by Democrat insiders, and that the COB of the other is now on Biden’s transition team?  Just lucky for them I guess….