Mon. Nov. 9, 2020 – a new week, same old stuff

Cool, chance of rain, then again, maybe not.

Had overcast most of Sunday, but when the sun came out, it sure seemed premature to be draining the pool…  but drain it we did.  Now we need a few more days of no rain to get it dry.  It’s so humid, nothing is drying even with fans on it.  My (preps) submersible pump sure came in handy.  My floor dryer blower will too.  It occurred to me that if you live somewhere with heavy rain and flooding, you should have a way to move water.  When I had a chance to pick up some pumps cheap I did.  Ditto for the floor dryer.

My wife is working from home M, W, F this week so I have a bit of leaway for pickups and other tasks.  So of COURSE my client is having issues.  I’m going to try to do my pickups quickly in the morning, then head over to his place.  It sounds like more gear is dying from the lightning strikes.  We’ll probably replace it all piecemeal.   Speaking of pickups, what did I get?  Some accessory stuff for gubs, 3 bottles of smokeless powder, a small chest freezer, which I will offer to a couple of friends before trying to find it a place at home.  Some household stuff.  I even picked up some masks.  I got a couple of boxes of fifty surgical style with earloops.  I don’t wear them but I know people who do.  The price was reasonable.  I got a box of the K95 double strap “3m” style for 0.40$ per mask.   That’s a far cry from $3/mask.  I’ve got plenty of N95s left for our use, but my low bid won, so hey, more on the stack.

Spent a couple of hours looking at the website for the 11 acre property we are considering.   The house is very strange.  It took me over an hour to figure out the floor plan from the photos, and in the end, I have no idea why you’d build something that way…  I know why it’s still available now, in addition to being one of the ugliest houses we’ve seen. “A different wood featured in every room!” is not the plus the seller thinks it is.   Every window is different (which is how I finally figured out where the missing room was.)  So much of the wood paneling is on a diagonal or horizontal.  Some rooms have 5 or more woods in natural finishes…  Low porch roofs make it look very low to the ground.  And why wouldn’t you put the big windows and a door on the lake view side of the house?  Both bedrooms are tiny, long and narrow.  On the other hand, it has a dedicated smoke house, 30×30 metal building as garage/shop, and a covered shed for vehicle storage.  And it’s up against a forest.  It’s on a ‘no permanent docks’ lake which saves $15-40K right off the bat.  It’s very different from the properties we were looking at a few weeks ago.

So I’m going to have a busy day and a busy week.  I’d best get to it.

Keep stacking what you can, while you can.  This election isn’t over, and even when it is, the fight for our country will just be getting started.  Keep the faith, but also keep your powder dry.