Tues. Nov. 3, 2020 – going to get the whole family’s fangs scraped

Cool and clear.  Still damp though.  Should be a nice day.

Yesterday was nice.  A bit chilly, 45F at 6am, 49F by 7am, and warming throughout.

It was a bit cool in the shade when I was pressure washing.  Still, not freezing.

So I pressure washed the north side of the house.  What a difference to have the green and black off the siding and eves.  Did the driveway too.  Took in and put away some more decor.  That will continue for another day or two.

Kids have remote learning today.  Not sure why, they were scheduled to have the day completely off.  We’ll be headed to the dentist later, and OH, wife and I will be voting in person.

If you haven’t voted yet, and you are eligible, please do so.   Vote your conscience but consider the plans each of the candidates has for America.   If you seriously can’t pick, leave President blank and at least vote NO on all the incumbent judges.   If they’re well loved, it won’t hurt them, and if they should go, you’ll be helping.  For the other local positions, I hope you can make informed choices.  If you know nothing at all about them, the Republican party doesn’t want to go socialist, and the Democrat party does.  Vote on that basis.  Local matters and it’s where your vote DOES count.

Lots of predictions.   I’ll say that I think it will be Trump by a wide margin.  I’m basing that mostly on enthusiasm.  His base is fired up and WILL go to the polls.   Biden is the negative candidate, his base is reluctant, and might just say “F it” and stay home, or switch.  I hope I’m right, because I see dire changes to the US coming if the Dems take control.  They’ve TOLD us what they want, and it isn’t for you and I to live in peace and comfort.

Short term, keep your eyes open and your options open too.  Treat crowds like flood waters and ‘turn around, don’t drown.’    Take another route.  Try another time.  Give my druthers, I’d stay home today.  There are places that are going to explode tonight.  Stay away from them if you can.  If you can’t, WIN.

And remember that there are cameras everywhere.

Stay frosty.