Nov. 1, 2020 – time is flying by all of a sudden…

Cool, dry and a light breeze.  Sunny later.  I hope.

Yesterday was a perfect weather day.    Really nice.  I hope today is too.

I summarized our experience of Halloween in Houston in comments last night, but for completeness sake- it was good.   Not as busy as previous years, but we still got beggars, and we sent ours our foraging too.  Fewer people in the neighborhood giving out treats, but at least one couple is both sick and elderly so I can’t really blame them at all.

I was so busy I didn’t have time to even look at the moon through binos, but I did notice when the bright full moon rose.  I wish I’d had a bit of time to at least look.

I really hope that doesn’t become a mantra – ” I just wish I’d had more time…”

I saved a bit of time and got deliveries from HEB and Costco.   Fridges are full up again and that is good.   Instacart makes it convenient.  You’ll save time and exposure but won’t save any money.  Still, sometimes that’s the tradeoff you need to make.

Bacon, sirloin, and hamburger added to the stack.  Bread added to the stack.  Milk and cream added to the stack.  Other stuff too.    Time is FLYING by.  Do what you can in the time remaining.  Keep working on your own stack.