Fri. Nov. 6, 2020 – another quick week

Cool, dry and sunny.  Nice.

Just like yesterday.  Only we did get a bit of patchy cloud, making me wonder if rain was coming anywhere in town.  Didn’t materialize though.

Spent the morning getting some additional stuff ready for auction, spent the afternoon dropping it off, chatting with the auctioneer, and then wasting better than an hour on a pickup when the guys weren’t there.

I made over $800 on the previous bins of stuff so I’m hoping for more this time around.  Drop in the bucket, both for stuff and for money, but ‘baby steps’.

I mentioned previously that I was shifting my focus and treating the election shenanigans as a disaster that has arrived.  I meant that the watching, waiting, and prepping phase was over, and now I’m in the ‘dealing with it’ phase.  If this was a hurricane, I’d be raking the yard,  running the gennie, and passing out hot chocolate.  As it is, I’m not going to watch obsessively, only ‘keep an eye’ on things.  I can’t change anything except to spread awareness, and the people that are likely to be convinced already are, so that’s mostly wasted effort.  Instead I’ll continue getting ready for the next blow, getting stuff in order here.  Bad times are still coming, and now they might come with sleepy Joe or the ho* in charge.

My advice is the same.  Be ready for shortages. Be prepared to stay at home for prolonged periods.  Expect social and economic disruptions and continuing degradation from ‘the good old days.’  Plan to see this through to the other side.  Grand gestures are grand, but there are still Jews in Poland, and Germany.  We, the collective we, can and will get through this.  We, the personal we, may not.  But there are no guarantees in this life anyway, and as Zero Hedge says, On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

So do what you can, accept that it might not be enough, but give it the old school try.

And keep stacking.