Thur. Nov. 26, 2020 – Thanksgiving Day (USA)

Cool and damp, chance of rain.  ‘Cuz Houston in winter.

Wednesday was the same, no rain at the house but I’m sure someone got some.  Well, there might have been some, the concrete was wet in some areas, a bit more than just from dew.  Nothing like real rain though.

I tried to do some plumbing, I tried to do some work around the house.  I’m feeling better but still moving slow.  And I’ve got a crick in my neck that makes it painful to look to the right.  Meh, pain is just weakness leaving the body.


And today is Thanksgiving Day.  And I am thankful.  I’m thankful

-that we don’t have 2 million dead from wuflu

-that Hillarity still isn’t President

-that we had a 4 year respite from the advancement of the globalist agenda

-that the enemy has finally decloaked and self identified

-that 70 Million Americans made a choice that for some of them was very difficult personally, but they chose NOT to vote for socialism

-that we have time to prepare for what comes next

-that I have family and friends to go along with me on the journey

-that I have a voice and a place to use it

I am thankful to all those who helped me along the way.

I am thankful to those who are still here, and those who have gone on ahead, peace be upon them and their families.  Raise a glass and remember,

Absent friends.