Mon. Nov. 23, 2020 – stayed up too late, so short shrift

Darker and cooler.  Possible rain.

Spent most of yesterday moving slowly and not doing much.  Brain is slow and so is body.  Coughing was better, throat was more sore than before.

Plan for today is sleep in a bit, then work.  Missed my chance to do big stuff at my secondary location on Sunday, but I was really not up to climbing around on stuff or running a forklift.

Need to plan and provision Thanksgiving Day dinner now that we’ll be home, and I need to get a grocery run or order in.  I wonder what stock levels will be like?

I spent almost two hours reading through old days here.  Some from 2016 and some from 2017.   We made it through the things we were most worried about, and that was heartening.  Of course, not all of us made it.

OFD’s presence is large on every page, and RBT is there, but not necessarily front and center.   It’s clear that even then the comments here are what creates the value.  Some voices are the same and some have dropped out.

Spook?  Eugen? MrK?  and a fairly long list of others that were so familiar but have not spoken up in a while.  Miles_Teg?  Time for a lurkers roll call….

If you guys are still coming by, check in and say “Hi”….

And don’t forget to keep stacking.