Mon. Nov. 2, 2020 – New month, counting the year down

Cool, but clear and sunny.

Sunday was another gorgeous day.  Comfortable temps, clear and blue sky.

So I did a little work outside, picking up some of my decor.   Then did some plumbing (see yesterday’s comments) and then some pressure washing.

Today I’ve got one ebay sale to ship, an auction pickup, pressure washing to finish, more decor to take down and put away, and all the general stuff of the week…  We’re supposed to have a couple more dry days so I want to get all the decor in.

The weather is finally nice enough to do some work around the house too, so I have projects moving off the back burner.  Naturally, just about the time I’ve worked up a good head of steam, we’ll be driving to Florida to spend Thanksgiving with my mom…  I better get some stuff done before that.

I couldn’t really imagine what “election day violence” would look like.  I didn’t have to courtesy of BLM and antifa.  This is going to be a wild week.  Hold on tight and hunker down.

(and keep stacking, although skills and connections might be more practical than shopping this week.)