Tues. Nov. 24, 2020 – a literal dumpster fire…

Cool and overcast, some chance of rain.

Like yesterday.  Only cooler.  Maybe.

Hid in the house all day.   Didn’t feel good.  Can’t go back to bed, as then my neck and back get messed up.  Did a tiny bit of work.  Cooked dinner and made bread.

The title is about what I passed on my way home the other day… the loony bin up the road had a fire in their dumpster.  I’ve never seen that before outside of a meme.  Yea me!  Now my 2020 is complete.

Nothing I’ve seen suggests that things are going to be better in 2021, except possibly we’ll have an effective and safe vaccine.  I’ll let the other guys go first on that one… and wait until we’ve seen what happens with pregnant women and kids before making up my mind.

I’m ready to stay home for a while if they start to mandate things like papers to move around.  Shortly after that the roundups starts, so I’ll be getting ready.  History might not repeat but it rhymes, and we’ve heard this tune before.  If old hoof in mouth Joe gets into the Whitehouse, which do you think will come first, the modern yellow star, movement passes, or midnight raids?  There will be calls for gun registration and confiscation too.  The AR pistols will be first.  “Shockwave” style shotguns too.

This time around, the populace is armed, but this time around, the panopticon sees all.

I think I’ll go long on road flares, soap flakes*, and bottles.

Keep stacking.  Figure out how to keep your head down, and what side you’ll take.  You may try to stay neutral, but I don’t think circumstances will let you.


*I’ve heard styrofoam is good too.