Sat. Nov. 28, 2020 – the end is nigh, well, nigh-er

Wet, cool, and wet.  With a side order of wet.

Yesterday was rain alternating with drizzle and misty drizzle.

Plumbing was accomplished.  Plumbers will be arranged.

Leftovers were eaten.  These are the good old times.  Make the most of them.

I came into a conversation mid-sentence.  My wife was suggesting to Daughter 1 that she get started with me learning how to shoot, first the BB and airsoft, then the real guns later.  WELL.  Ok then 🙂  That’s not a change of heart on her part or anything but it’s the first time she’s brought it up and the first time with a timeframe.  FWIW, I think she’s right and probably a bit overdue.

Today I’ll be working on the kitchen range hood, continuing my local auction prepping, and getting stuff picked up so we can get the Christmas decor up.  I’d like to do several new things this year but I haven’t decided on anything specific.  (Yes, if I think CWII is going to kick off, why worry about Christmas decor?  Because that is normal real life.  Kids need to learn the traditions and the stories and they need the memories.  I need the memories.  The bad thing ™ usually doesn’t happen, so I prep for it, but also make sure to live my life right now.)



Speaking of, power went out and I’m closing this on my phone.  Keep stacking. You’ll need it.