Thur. Nov. 12, 2020 – ever closer to the end of the year

Coolish, but still damp.

Wednesday was sunny with a nice breeze, but still saturated.  I really need to have the pool cover and liner dry out so I can put them away for the season.

Several of the friends and neighbors I’ve offered the new freezer to mentioned that they just got one.   That’s good news that they are thinking ahead.  A bit worrisome that so many people are concerned enough to take steps, from the point of view that what society as a whole expects, we usually get.  Heartening though that they are acting.  I may just add it to the garage.

Since I was out today, I thought I’d stop at the grocery store and pick up my OTC allergy meds (have to do it in person, thanks meth heads.)  While I was there I might as well buy some fruit and veg, since I can pick it out myself, and I might as well walk the aisles and see what inventory looks like, maybe fill some gaps……   long story cut mercifully shorter, I spent $400 on groceries and an hour and a half.    They had prime sirloin for $5/pound.  Buy a spiral slice ham, get a free turkey.  Pasta in stock.  The soda I like on the shelf.  Milk, breads, eggs, cream, all the staples I’d be buying in a day or two anyway…..  and some canned veg varieties I hadn’t seen before.

Got my allergy meds too.

Home today so I’ll do stuff here.

Oh, and daughter one is ready for orthodontia.  Joy.  We’ll be writing some checks for that…

Thanks for the suggestions for monitoring her web traffic.  Time for me to do some learning.  I really thought I’d have a couple more years before issues like this arose.  That seems to be the story of 2020 though.

Spent some time at my buddy’s store.  Every ten minutes someone stuck their head in the door and asked about ammo.  Word up, the proprietor of your local is VERY TIRED of having people shout at him from the door about ammo.   If you are looking for some, driving from store to store, shouting in the door, and inevitably being told NO! isn’t going to get you any.  This is where those relationships you built in meatspace for the last couple of years pay off.  Oh, you didn’t do that? is your best bet, from what I hear online.  And sign up for everyone’s enewsletter and special mailings so if they do get stock in, you’ll hear about it.   All of my buddy’s suppliers are out of everything and they are not encouraging about stuff coming back into stock.   You may be going into what’s coming with what you already have.

This is why we prep.  This is why you put a couple back for friends who might need something later, if you have the chance and the means.  This is also why “Meatspace Baby!” got the traction it did last year.  The online discounter isn’t going to hold a box under the counter for you.  The mom and pop you’ve been buying from for the last couple of years might.  It applies to anything that might be in short supply, meds, seeds, chicks, you name it.  Jane down at the co-op who’s been helping you with gardening advice is much more likely to have what you need or know who does than some chinese reseller online.  Just saying.  On the other hand, it isn’t necessarily too late.  Work the network you already have.  It may turn out that we’re all preppers now, and the guys at the Rotary Club are more switched on than you expected.  Be circumspect though.  Hard times ARE coming, and there will be predators as well.

Stack what you can.  Go out and talk to someone.