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Mon. April 30, 2018 – jeez, April is gone….

Well, not quite but mostly. 61F and damp but forecast calls for warm and clear. Another beautiful day in Houston. Lots of stuff going on in the world of man, and the freaking Yellowstone caldera is heating up. Wouldn’t that … Continue reading

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Sun. April 29, 2018 – ‘chicks to hatch and eggs to lay’

Busy day again. 61F and scheduled to be clear and sunny. Another great spring day. Daughter got a waitress costume for her birthday, it’s the cutest thing ever, but I’m nominated as chef this am, and she’s a taskmaster! She’s … Continue reading

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Sat. April 28, 2018 – GDPR Compliance

I’m getting an early start today. I’ve got one daughter at a special Girls run downtown, and the other has her normal softball game early this am. Currently 59F and damp, but due to get warm and dry later. RickH, … Continue reading

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Fri. April 27, 2018 – busy, busy, still…

55F damp and sunny this AM, which promises to be another great spring day here in Houston. Love them while we can… Spent yesterday in classes with kids of all ages at my daughters’ school. Interesting to say the least. … Continue reading

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Thur. April 26, 2018 – good morning!

Well, that’s a bit of an assumption. I’m out of the house all day today, and surrounded by kids. I can’t believe how apprehensive that makes me feel. n Solve some of the world’s problems while I’m away.

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Wed. April 25, 2018 – another beautiful day

62F and damp with blue skies and a gentle breeze… gonna be a nice day. Houstonians learn to embrace days like this as the only really NICE days of the year. I hope we have another long spring, I’ve got … Continue reading

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Tues. April 24, 2018 – another day another dollar….

56F, cool and sunny. Looks like it’s gonna be an awesome day to be outside. [RBT always started with a weather report, and so I do, for continuity and as a measure of the passage of the seasons] I’m committed … Continue reading

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Mon. April 23, 2018 – empty brain syndrome

51F and damp. Chilly. But the sun is out, and I’m sure it will warm up. So much in the news, but I can’t seem to gather a cogent thought about any of it. Freakin’ FBI had the Waffle House … Continue reading

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Sun. April 22, 2018 – big storm… but done

60F and damp, which makes sense, since we got almost 3 inches of rain last night, mostly in one hour. Haven’t had a chance to walk the neighborhood, but I expect the normal debris in yards. We had a busy … Continue reading

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Sat. April 21, 2018 – family stuff today

Cool and overcast this am. We’ve got our neighborhood spring festival this afternoon, softball game this morning, and a variety of other family and kid stuff….. Saturdays are not my own anymore. I wonder if they ever will be again? … Continue reading

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