Saturday, 15 October 2016

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10:44 – We just hauled 100 pounds each of flour and sugar and 50 pounds of rice up from the basement, all in 50-pound bags. We’ll be repackaging that this weekend. We could have repackaged it down in the downstairs unfinished area, but I prefer to repackage food in the kitchen. That means hauling up the bags and then hauling down the bottles, but that’s okay.

That totals 250 pounds, which is basically eight or nine person-months of food. Not balanced nutrition, certainly. It’s very heavy on carbohydrates, light on protein (which is also not balanced), and very light on lipids. That’s fine, though. This stuff is LTS bulk calories. We have meats and oils/fats stored that make it complete nutrition.

Lori, our USPS carrier, mentioned yesterday that she intended to make a Sam’s Club run this weekend to stock up on bulk LTS foods. She asked about repackaging for LTS, and said that she was using 2-liter bottles without oxygen absorbers. I told her that was fine, assuming rodents can’t get to them, and that that food should be perfectly usable for many years. She also mentioned that she doesn’t drink soft drinks, so she was depending on her brother to save his 2-liter bottles for her. I told her that I hadn’t thrown away an empty PET bottle in years, and that we had garbage bags full of them in the basement. I said Barbara would be delighted to get rid of some of them. Barbara said just to have Lori back her Jeep up to the garage and we’d fill it up with 2-liter bottles.

I also told Lori that filling 2-liter bottles with flour or other fluffy stuff was a PITA because of their narrow mouths and that she’d need a funnel with the largest stem diameter that would fit into the mouth of a 2-liter bottle. We have three soft silicone funnels, and I offered to lend her one. Alternatively, she can use the top half of a 2-liter bottle as a funnel, and a 2.5″ or 3″-wide piece of Velcro to wrap and align the two 2-liter bottle mouths together while she fills.

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  1. Nick Flandrey says:

    @RBT, would it help to have a straw into the lower bottle? That way air could get behind the flow. The straw would restrict the opening, but if the problem is the powder seals the opening it might help….

    And you could ‘stir’ the opening with the straw, which should help if the problem is the powder packing together to block the opening.


  2. Nick Flandrey says:

    So THIS is what I wake up to today????

    WWIV getting ready to kick off?

    Royal Navy races to intercept heavily-armed Russian aircraft carrier heading for English Channel as it practises bombing raids near Scotland ahead of Syrian mission

    Russia’s flagship and seven additional vessels will pass UK on way to Syria
    The large fleet is expected to carry out practice bombing north of Scotland
    British warships will be scrambled by Royal Navy to navigate fleet past UK
    Warships could sail down the English Channel – a mile off the British coast

    Read more:

    Are you ready for WAR? Russia tells civilians to check bomb shelters and gas masks as their nuclear forces advance while US prepares cyber strike

    Tensions between US and Russia at their worst levels since the Cold War
    Russia accused of posturing to the world by prepping civilians for conflict
    State-controlled media explains what do should war break out in Russia
    Comes as the CIA prepares for a possible cyber attack against the Kremlin

    Read more:


    BTW, whatever you need, you don’t have enough.

    F me, I have to move HF Digital data modes up my priority list. Win2000, winmail, and FLDIGI here I come.

    OFD —> TAKE THE FREAKING TEST! Get your general class.

    Everyone else, you need comms – HF ham is the way to talk within your 300 mile area, and outside of it, and it’s the only way to get some data and email up outside the internet.

  3. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    No, the problem is that fluffy stuff packs the opening in the funnel. When we’re filling 2-liter bottles, I use a scoop to transfer food to the funnel. Barbara holds the funnel/bottle with one hand and uses a stirring rod or the handle of a long plastic cooking spoon to poke at the contents of the funnel. It works fine, but it takes a long time compared to using a wider-mouth bottle.

    I just did a search and found that dollar stores generally carry store-brand soft drinks in 3-liter bottles. I may stop at one of the dollar stores (we have three in town) and see what they have available. IIRC, some name-brand but niche soft drinks like Dr. Pepper are still bottled in 3-liter containers.

    I have enough empty 3-liter bottles to repackage about 225 pounds of flour. I’d like to have a lot more for flour, although Barbara is likely to freak when I tell her how much flour I really want to have in LTS. I’d like at least a ton more, but I’m not sure Barbara would put up with me hauling home 40 large bags of flour.

    Oh, well. Maybe she’ll tolerate me buying a lot more rice. We have only 200 to 300 pounds of it stored, and I think she’s forgotten about some of it.

    And, yes, I understand that most people wouldn’t use the word “only” to refer to 200 or 300 pounds of rice. 😉

  4. Nick Flandrey says:

    Presented as a thought experiment, and for entertainment purposes only:

    I’ve got some things to say about this, but the short is – if you are thinking about something like this, (and might have a different idea on targeting when things get sporty) KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT. They got wrapped up by a CI, and met with undercover agents to buy machine guns. LEAVE THE FREAKING MACHINE GUNS OUT OF IT. And the guy arrested for domestic violence is worried his (allegedly abused) significant other will dime him… well DUH. Again Keep your Gob Shut.

    And you might want to avoid known groups… especially ‘militia’ groups that .gov has a hardon for.

    Three members of white anti-Muslim militia group arrested for bomb plot to destroy mosque and apartment where hundreds of Somali immigrants live the day after the election

    Read more:


    ADDED- if your group isn’t developing sympathetic sources itself, maybe your cause isn’t just. This is a LOT of people who know, but didn’t tell you:

    Investigating agencies included the FBI, the Liberal Police Department, the Seward County Sheriff’s Office, the Ford County Sheriff’s Office, the Garden City Police Department, the Dodge City Police Department, the Finney County Sheriff’s Office, and Kansas Highway Patrol, and the Kansas Bureau of Investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorney Tony Mattivi for the District of Kansas and Counterterrorism Section Trial Attorney David Cora are prosecuting this case.

    Read more:

  5. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Geez, the FBI should be *helping* them, not arresting them.

  6. Nick Flandrey says:

    @RBT, I think industry solves that problem with vibration. You could put an eccentric wheel on a small cordless drill and use that to vibrate the bottles. Or some sort of shaker table…

    It might be overthinking the problem, but with hundreds of bottles to fill, it might be worth trying a couple of simple things.


    (put a piece of plywood on something springy, like foam, chuck a carriage bolt in a small cordless hammerdrill or impact driver (like the dewalt screw gun) set the bottle on the plywood, apply the carriage bolt head (round and smooth) to the ply, vibrate.)

  7. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    Incidentally, I’m starting to think that this general area has a higher percentage of preppers than just about anywhere. Either that, or prepping is a much broader and deeper phenomenon than is generally acknowledged.

  8. Robert Bruce Thompson says:

    I actually have a laboratory shaker, but few people do. I want to do it the way they’ll have to.

  9. Nick Flandrey says:

    One last thought, before getting some work done,

    this woman looks a LOT like Chelsea in a couple of these pictures… just sayin

    “Former Arkansas state employee who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment says she fears for her life if Hillary Clinton is elected president”

    Read more:

  10. Dave Hardy says:

    Comms: Yeah, I’m back on the radio thing here; organizing it all better, making sure we have enough batteries, and moving along with the Tech and General license exam study, though it’s been slow.

    Whatever we need, we don’t have enough, etc. Yup. We need more food and water stored here. Gotta top off the oil tank ASAP, too. The wood stove works great and usually will heat the whole house once it gets going good, but for those days when the winds off the lake across two feet of ice make the chill factor 30 below zero, it’s good to have the oil heat backup/auxiliary.

    “…HF ham is the way to talk within your 300 mile area, and outside of it, and it’s the only way to get some data and email up outside the internet.”

    I hope to be working on this stuff more often and soon.


    That’s right. Leaving the legalities entirely aside; there is no earthly reason for having a machine gun (like OFD used to run) at home, unless you anticipate human wave assaults on your property. And if that’s the case, you better have a chit-load of ammo, an assistant gunner, a spare parts kit, spare barrel, asbestos gloves, etc. Legally speaking, if you plan to get involved with them for some wacky reason, best be sure to have a Class III FFL and be completely squared away with the tax stuff and the ATF. Other than that, I don’t wanna know about it.

  11. SteveF says:

    I want to do it the way they’ll have to.

    If you want to get time, effort, and materials figures for the book or simply for advising people what to expect, that makes sense on a limited basis.

    For your own preps, you should do it the fastest, least painful way possible. Aside from saving your own time to be put on other tasks, you can tell people how much time is saved in using the shaker, and even compare the lab shaker with the roll yer own that Nick suggested.

    (As a side note, “laboratory shaker” is descriptive enough, but it’s unfortunate that the word “vibrator” already has another meaning, one which is not appropriate to this context.)

  12. SteveF says:

    Legally speaking, if you plan to get involved with them for some wacky reason, best be sure to have a Class III FFL and be completely squared away with the tax stuff and the ATF.

    Nah, too much work. Just get a big wooden box and paint “THIS HEER IS MAH MUSHEENGUN” on the lid. F-Troop or the Feebs or whoever will skip right over that box on account of it’s obviously not holding a machinegun.

    By the way, “machinegun” might not mean what you think it means. Keep in mind “legal” redefinitions of commonly understood terms. It wouldn’t surprise me if the term includes semiautomatic pistols in some states, such as New Fuckin’ York.

  13. Nick Flandrey says:

    It includes a tiny piece of metal with a specific shape, namely the sear. Tiny piece of shaped metal, smaller than your little finger, weighs a couple of grams, classified as a machine gun and worth federal prison time if you do it wrong.

    F ing ridiculous.

    Or have the wrong kind of washers, or a small piece of metal with 2 different threads on it, or a flash suppressor with the wrong shaped slots, or any number of other nonsensical gotchas.

    “Shall not be infringed.” To straightforward for the warped mind of a lawyer.


  14. MrAtoz says:

    Big shootings in LA and Chicago last night. The headlines aren’t screaming WHITEY! so I assume “name your minority” or Mooslims are involved.

  15. Nick Flandrey says:

    “prepping is a much broader and deeper phenomenon than is generally acknowledged.”

    ^this, I think. Although most people probably just think of it as ‘puttin a little something by…’ or just being prudent.


  16. Dave Hardy says:

    “By the way, “machinegun” might not mean what you think it means. Keep in mind “legal” redefinitions of commonly understood terms. It wouldn’t surprise me if the term includes semiautomatic pistols in some states, such as New Fuckin’ York.”

    Oh yeah, they define words and phrases as they run along, ad-hoc, whatever it takes to bring a case against somebody and then their in-the-bag judge certifies it and delivers the payoff conviction and sentence.

    Quick example: Killary, as a sometime citizen of the Vampire State, buys a machine gun from some guy in a parking lot and takes it home. No problem.

    Mr. SteveF jumps through all the hoops and paperwork, ’cause he’s a collector, pays the tax on it, takes it home, and someone SWATS him with a phone call. The team shows up and Mr. SteveF, despite being totally legal and aboveboard, goes off to Dallemora. I’ll kayak across the lake and bring him stuff and visit and suchlike; we can see its lights as we approach on the last half-mile from town to our house.

    And that’s how it works now in our land of the brave and home of the free. The law is what the Red Queen sez it means.

  17. Dave Hardy says:

    “…The headlines aren’t screaming WHITEY! so I assume “name your minority” or Mooslims are involved.”

    Wow. Microaggressions galore here.

    It’s probably just “teens,” or “youths.” Chicago is a nightmare, run by Commissar Emmanuel, whose usual solution is more restrictions on legal gun owners. And taxes. Soon parts of the city will be indistinguishable from Kinshasa or Lagos. Fat tribal chiefs with harems lording it over other tribes and torturing and eating their enemies. Grease up them truck axles.

    Lost Angels is another huge sprawling nightmare city; got a vehicle? No? You’re fucked. Habla Espanol? No? Wow. Cue up that “Bladerunner” movie and then mix in the current music sounds, weapons, and gang insignia. Not to worry, though; the governor and the mayor will straighten things out.

    See a pattern here? Yeah, cities. Avoid like the plague. And the plague is probably somewhere on the menu in our near future.

  18. MrAtoz says:

    All our ballots and early voting instructions came in yesterday’s mail. Should I throw them out according to the covert obfuscation plan, or, give them to the fems? I guess I will hand them out. Rats! I gotta follow my conscience. Running them through the shredder would be so easy.

  19. Dave Hardy says:

    Conscience, monstrance…throw them OUT! NOW! SHRED!

    There’s your HOME conscience and then there is the GREATER conscience: that could be three more votes for Killary right there! And if she gets in, it will be YOUR fault!

  20. MrAtoz says:

    I shall lash myself with a wet noodle.

  21. SteveF says:

    MrAtoz, your duty is clear. As a thoughtful gesture, put postage on the ballot envelopes. Insufficient postage.

  22. Nick Flandrey says:

    Put them on the desk under a weight loss guide, or a Cosmo issue on how to please your partner in bed. That should guarantee they don’t get touched….


  23. MrAtoz says:

    lol! tRump is listed last on the NV ballot for President. A bunch of fukstiks all before him.

  24. Dave Hardy says:

    I see there are two types of evil practiced by some of us: mine, which is up-front and straightforward, and the sly evil chit done here by Mr. SteveF and Mr. Nick. Noted.

    “tRump is listed last on the NV ballot for President. A bunch of fukstiks all before him.”

    Gee whiz, mister, that’s really surprising!

  25. paul says:

    Here, buying 25 or 50 pound bags of flour is pretty much not for discussion.

    We don’t buy soda in large bottles because 2/3 goes flat.

    I have a Foodsaver. I sealed a 5# package of Aunt Jemima corn bread mix a couple of months ago. It’s on the shelf and still as hard as a rock. The stuff is “seasonal” at the two nearest HEBs. Thanksgiving time, homemade dressing, all that jazz. We buy it because compared to the pre-measured packets, it’s crazy cheap.

    I want to stock up on flour and perhaps tortilla mix. Should I use an oxygen absorber? I found a seller on Amazon Prime with 100 x 100cc for ~$9.

    It might be nice to have bread after the insane people in .gov toss their nukes around. Sheesh.

  26. MrAtoz says:

    Now that OdooshnozzleCare has cratered nationwide, I wonder if Odooshnozzle will waive the tax penalty? Enact single payer by edict? He’s got to do something so Cankles looks good.

  27. Miles_Teg says:

    Now that Dirty Harry is retiring are the Rs a good chance to win his seat?

  28. Dave Hardy says:

    “Here, buying 25 or 50 pound bags of flour is pretty much not for discussion.”

    Ditto here, but subterfuge is an option. Rarely visits the cellar. Lots of surprises down there already. (I wonder if she’ll recognize the nuke warhead…)

    “Now that OdooshnozzleCare has cratered nationwide…”

    As was the intent all along.

    “Now that Dirty Harry is retiring are the Rs a good chance to win his seat?”

    What difference would it make?

  29. MrAtoz says:

    Now that Dirty Harry is retiring are the Rs a good chance to win his seat?

    There is a chance since so many ind are running. The Dumbocrat, however, has a vagina so I’m sure that will be a factor. Plus, whoever blows the unions the most, will get their support.

  30. Dave Hardy says:

    So cynical. And more micro-aggressions, too.

    Wanna get more cynical but also a morale booster?

    Sunny w/blue skies all day and windy; down to haul in more firewood, very, very carefully. Lawn has been mowed by the kid from across the street, thanks, buddy! Saves me about 90 minutes of pushing the mower with five-minute breaks every fifteen minutes. Kid will also stack firewood and help me assemble more racks. Since our son is long gone and out in Kalifornia making the big bucks. And our daughter is busy with advanced music theory and ‘business for musicians’ up in Moh-ree-all. I gotta enlist the local yoots. This is my crafty long-term strategy; our own kids are libtards and pretty PC; so I’ll suborn the kids in the ‘hood and learn ’em guns and nasty right-wing stuff and convert them to Latin Rite Roman Catholicism.

  31. Dave Hardy says:

    I see a ninth accuser has suddenly come forward with her tale of woe concerning that infamous lecher and creep Donald Trump. How interesting, nothing from them until three weeks before the “election.”

    Meanwhile most of the VT political hacks and creeps are either distancing themselves from Trump or outright slamming him, both RINO and Dem; we don’t have any solid conservative pols up here, and certainly none in my own political interests.

    I’m just curious as to where all the victims are of Killary’s sexual advances and assaults. Gotta be some somewhere. Of course she’s been tight with Huma for years now, and by extension, the Muslim Brotherhood. That ought to make us all rest easy, eh?

    But what the hell, who cares, amirite? Obola is on videos bowing and scraping before musloid scumbags and Bush Junior was strolling around his ranch in Texas holding hands with one of the bastards. We ought not to forget, also, that the day/evening of 9/11. they scooted a whole clan of Saudi scum outta the country just as fast as they could get them out.

    So, OK; Trump probably came on to a few womyn over the decades, billionaire playboy, what do ya expect? But so far as we know, he didn’t rape any of them, didn’t engage in threesomes with HIV hookers while snorting bags of coke, hasn’t gotten anybody killed or left them to die in stupid foreign clusterfucks, and has not run guns across the border to narcotrafficantes, nor smuggled trainloads of them to our musloid enemies in Libya and Syria.

    It’s a choice between a stuffed bag of billionaire chit who appears to care about the country and its people and not likely to start any wars or gut the Bill of Rights, and a chiseling, diseased, thief and war criminal and liar exhibiting all the hallmarks of diabolical narcissism.

    So far as we can tell this afternoon, it’s nearly a dead heat, including swing states, but she has the Electoral College sewn up. EC versus pop vote; I’ve seen this movie. Gee, maybe we can get SCOTUS involved again, or the incumbent National Administrator will just cancel the whole thing.

  32. pcb_duffer says:

    Here in Florida, the governor’s party gets listed first, and after that any other candidates are listed by their party’s % in the last election. The Ds passed that law when they ran the state lock, stock, & barrel, and the Rs haven’t seen fit to amend it since they gained power.

  33. Spook says:

    “”“Here, buying 25 or 50 pound bags of flour is pretty much not for discussion.”

    Ditto here, but subterfuge is an option. Rarely visits the cellar. Lots of surprises down there already. (I wonder if she’ll recognize the nuke warhead…)””

    Just a quick observation:
    Supplies hidden from the spouse are also likely well hidden from outsiders.

  34. SteveF says:

    How interesting, nothing from them until three weeks before the “election.”

    Yah, I saw something about that.

    Claims regarding Trump’s sexual assualts, January 1980-September 2016: 0
    Claims regarding Trump’s sexual assaults, October 2016: 7

    I don’t know if that’s true, but considering the microscope the “fair and independent” media is putting Trump under, I suspect they’d be trumpeting a civil claim from 40 years ago if there’d been one to find.

  35. Greg Norton says:

    Here in Florida, the governor’s party gets listed first, and after that any other candidates are listed by their party’s % in the last election. The Ds passed that law when they ran the state lock, stock, & barrel, and the Rs haven’t seen fit to amend it since they gained power.

    Considering the possiblity of “Governor Opie” in 2018, the Republicans could easily hold power for another decade in FL, regardless of how the state votes in the Presidential and Senate elections.

  36. Dave Hardy says:

    Dig the breathless hysterical way they pop up all these victims; it’s as if each one appearing has virtually dynamited the Trump campaign. And when our typical tens of millions of Murkan derps glance at the tee-vee or their smartypants phones, that’s what they see and remember.

    Meanwhile I saw another stat somewhere or other; the Evil Half of the Party has spent tens of millions of dollars on her tee-vee ads. The Stupid Half for Trump’s tee-vee ads? Zero. And I have yet to see one while watching NFL games three times a week but I HAVE seen hers; always attacking Trump and showing decades-old clips of him sounding like a jerk. “Do we want this for our DAUGHTERS???”

    No, we want you, ’cause you only leave Americans to die or get them killed and you’ve stolen many tens of millions of dollars and taken even more from our enemies and are probably guilty of not only war crimes but outright treason. All of that stuff is apparently TRUMPED by Trump’s evil assaults on all those women. Where he touched them or tried to kiss them. And said bad things with his buddies about women.

    So we’ll get a treasonous war criminal married to a serial rapist, pedophile and dope fiend. And both of them look like they have one foot in the grave and one on a banana peel and it can’t happen soon enough.

  37. SteveF says:

    evil assaults on all those women

    Point of order: alleged assaults, with no evidence given, and with contradictory statements by others coming up in some cases.

    Not that any of that matters, of course. Trump said pussy once, and that’s exactly the same as rape.

  38. Nick Flandrey says:

    Might be worth pointing out to the outraged how different things were before they were born….

    30 years ago, call it ’84 just for laughs ‘cuz that’s about when I graduated high school.

    You could smoke on a plane, in a restaurant, pretty much everywhere, and everyone did.

    You could have open alcohol in your vehicle in most places.

    Many places had drive thru liquor stands, and you could DRINK in your vehicle as long as you weren’t drunk. MADD wasn’t around.

    Drinking at work and during the day was widespread and accepted as something some people did.

    Many states were still 18 for drinking age.

    EVERYONE drank. Kids as young as 10 or 12 would be drinking at family parties, weddings, graduations, etc.

    Nigger, pollack, spic, and kike were widely heard in conversation.

    Stand up comics used all those words and no one rioted.

    Saturday Night Live was funny, some of the time, and almost every skit they did was culturally offensive. “Jane you ignorant slut.” <-- widely quoted by ordinary people at work. . "Good girls" didn't. Period. If you were dating, it was the man's job to push the border constantly so the woman could acquiesce without feeling like a slut. And yes, if you had sex outside of marriage and you were female you were gonna be called a slut. . Young women, by and large, would NOT initiate sex. Anal was something even porn didn't do, and when they did, it was only in nasty genre porn or was shot with a soft focus. . In opposition to that was a genre of movie called the "Teen Sex Comedy" which almost always featured underage kids having [simulated] sex, and very often had full frontal female nudity in very mainstream teen movies- Revenge of the Nerds and Porky's, are two that spring to mind. . Date rape hadn't been invented yet. There was sex, and there was rape. . Getting a girl or woman drunk first was widely considered to be foreplay, and females understood it as such. If you went and got drunk with a male, you could be pretty sure he'd be making a move, and expected that you'd be cool with that, OR YOU WOULDN'T GET DRUNK WITH HIM. . Anyone who was an adult at that time was coming out of the sexually liberating '70's and [my impression, looking back at the media of the time] women were supposed to express that sexual freedom by being sexually available to men. Nice con job by the men on that one. . Politically Correctness either hadn't been invented yet, or was just starting, as a SARCASTIC term for the two-faced sniveling behavior that it is. . The 'homeless' were still bums. . Illegal aliens were still illegal and were called "wetbacks." . Homosexuality was very rare in media, never portrayed sympathetically, (possibly Dog Day Afternoon- but he was robbing a bank) . AIDS wasn't a thing yet. Every previous STD (called 'venereal disease') could be cured. This quickly changed with genital warts, herpes, and AIDS becoming widespread. . Crack cocaine was new. Regular cocaine couldn't hurt you because most people couldn't afford enough to hurt. Seriously, we didn't know it was bad for you, and it was EVERYWHERE. . . . Those are just a few of the cultural differences that I can think of off the top of my head, and the ones people are unlikely to include on a 'were you a child of the '80s' list. . Different times, different mores, different world. . nick . added- something stripped all the white space out of the displayed comment. yuck.

  39. Nick Flandrey says:

    Picked up 3 more food grade buckets at lowes, while I was getting the lumber for more of my fence “window boxes.” I’ll be knocking out a couple more tomorrow.

    Got the kids at home all day, so other than a little building, I’ll probably be focusing on Halloween decor with the kids. It does get in the way of prepping, but the whole point is to LIVE, and spending time with the kids is life.


  40. paul says:

    I would kick your timeline back at least 5 years. Simply because I was working at a dirty book store in ’82 (my very beloved grandmother thought it was great I was selling books, good decent job. Never told her it also involved rubber toys and peep show booths running 8mm movies.). Good pay, $5/hr for six days +10% commission on sales tucked into your pay envelope in cash. A really good week could be $500 cash with the paycheck.

    When it started, no one knew what the fuck was happening. I lost several friends from HS and even more from college to AIDS or a variant. They were all good folk. I wouldn’t call any of them a slut/whore. Another Infected Dick Sucker doesn’t explain it. Infected blood supply, yes.

    It was a crazy time.

    And down the drain ever since.

  41. Dave Hardy says:

    “Trump said pussy once, and that’s exactly the same as rape.”

    Actually, it’s apparently WORSE than rape, and I would bet any amount of money that some SJW scribe somewhere can justify that in writing, with a lot of twists and turns and outright lies but they can do it.

    OFD certainly remembers the early 80s, down in Woostah, MA, Paris of the Eighties, and walking a city street beat in a “Crime Impact Area” neighborhood. As Mr. Nick remembers, coke was everywhere, but cops drank, like fish. Some were out drinking and then came to work on the midnight shift half in the bag. No one thought all that much about it. When second shift (first half) got off, we’d hit the bars and slam down gallons of booze most nights, or the local Chinese restaurant. We’d eat pretty good and swill down their ass-kicking rum concoctions and then head out to the bars.

    Sometimes a few of us would head out to Uncle Fred’s country-western bar on Route 12 near the Auburn town line; one night Johnny Paycheck came out after a gig at the Worcester Centrum; what a blast. After the bar closed we’d go out to the parking lot and drink some more; a state police cruiser would slide by and the trooper would wave at us and keep going. Country-western music was big in Worcester Country; the town of Webster on Webster Lake had Indian Ranch, and some big names would come out there; I wonder if it’s still around…

    ….yeah, looks like they are still there but not much for coming events and it seems they’re mostly doing private stuff like wedding receptions. I remember seeing Kitty Wells there…

    But yeah, drinking was ubiquitous, esp. among cops. You could drink yourself into a stupor and drive home; I’ve done it more than once, to my current shame and regret and feeling of immense relief that I never hurt anyone. One time I drank half a dozen 151 rum cokes at the Chinese restaurant, grabbed a six-pack of tall Buds and drove home 25 miles to the real sticks out in West Warren, along Route 9, after midnight. Picked up a hippie hitchhiker, too, and made it OK.

    If you got stopped by another cop out there, he’d generally make sure you got home OK or he’d tell you to pull off and take a nap for a while and he’d come back and wake you to get moving again.

    And of course people smoked everywhere, too; no one thought twice about it. And you’d go out with womyn or meet them at bars and clubs and try to get laid as much as possible. Most of us were in our 20s and on up to the 40s, and pretty healthy specimens.

    Well, them days are gone, lone gone; man, tempus really fugit; decades gone in a flash and going by even faster now.

  42. pcb_duffer says:

    Having grown up in a resort town, and being slightly past the half century mark, my memories are a little different. Re: the sexual availability of the female of the species. Many, if not most, of the females past the age of consent (and more than a few who were shy of it) came it to behave in ways they never would back home. And quite frankly, I took full advantage of that situation. I never called a woman a slut for being honest enough to admit that she wanted and enjoyed sex. The sad part was the underage girls who run away from bad situations at home, wind up down here, and will essentially give themselves to any man willing to provide a bed and a meal. Or who wind up street prostitutes, hooked on this or that (usually meth nowadays) and infected with every form of VD known.
    Re: drinking. No more than 97% of the tourists, and 92% of the locals, were blotto at any and all opportunities. This generally started about age 14, and continued until just before post-mortem. Nothing has changed. Pcb_duffer, having grown up in this environment, and seeing all the stupidity associated with it, learned at an early age how to have only two drinks, and thankfully didn’t mess up his or anyone else’s life. Drive through package stores and open containers were part and parcel of beach life, but often a revelation for those from smaller towns who showed up here.
    Re: other narcotics. Ganja by the literal boatload was available, and was also grown locally in large quantity. Quaaludes were a very popular, especially as an add on to drinking, the bad experience of Ms. Quinlan notwithstanding. Cocaine was freely available, for those who had sufficient cash, and the dollar volume of the trade corrupted anything and everything. LSD was a common high school & college party drug; heroin was very very rare. Pcb_duffer had very little taste for any of the above, having been a devoted user of various legal opiates since the age of 12 (lots and lots and lots of orthopedic adventures).
    Re: smoking. It was very common, although I never tried it. Both my parents smoked like chimneys, and at a young age they would send me to the store for a carton or two of Benson & Hedges Menthol 100s. Recalling the heavy haze in so many public places makes me think the crackdown hasn’t been all bad, although the libertarian in me wishes it hadn’t been government mandated. Watching my dad die from lung cancer was a brutal, brutal thing.
    Re: policing. From the top to the bottom, corrupt, bigoted, and often violent. Driving While Black was considered probable cause, being uppity was enough reason for a beating, and associating with caucasian females was playing with fire, at a minimum. We had a sheriff removed from office for corruption, and then re-elected. We had another who wrapped himself in the cloak of JESUS while fucking his secretaries, and the public supported him until the bills for the lawsuits came due.

  43. Dave Hardy says:

    Methinks Mr. pcb_duffer has sufficient material for a book or screenplay. Yikes.

    I was an adult in the early 80s but grew up west of Boston in the late 50s and early 60s, usually in small towns in eastern MA. As a teenager, our dope was grass and acid, and we drank a lotta beer and wine. The cops mainly left us alone and we steered clear of them anyway. Few of us had cars, but we latched on to the ones that did and skipped skool, hung out in Boston, etc., when a lot of late 60s things were hopping. Demonstrations at public housing projects, rock concerts, and buying cases of Bud for 20 bucks out of the back door of a bar in Southie on Sundays.

    If no car, we hitchhiked in and outta Boston, and one winter night after a concert by George Benson followed by Yes, we missed the last bus and hiked twenty miles home to Framingham, interrupted once by a Newton cop who checked us out and let us continue on our way, arriving early in the AM to crash and sleep the sleep of the dead.

    I went to demonstrations run by the Socialist Workers Part, SDS, Black Panthers, and the Progressive Labor Party, hawking their paper “Challenge” on Marlborough street corners. Thankfully this was just a teenage “phase” and there was not much interest on my part for rutting with Amazons with hairy legs. By senior year I’d lost interest in all that rubbish and was debating what to do, sick to death of skool and living at home with four siblings in a small ranch house. So the default setting turned out to be the military, and I’ve told a bunch of stories about that here already, boring people to tears, most likely.

    It was a weird time to be a teenager in this country, watching footage of ‘Nam on the 6 o’clock nooz followed by cities on fire with rioting and troops in the streets with armor and machine guns.

    One wonders if we’ll be seeing that chit again here soon.

  44. brad says:

    “tRump is listed last on the NV ballot for President.”.

    Alphabetical, I assume? I thought it was fairly normal to randomize candidate names on ballots, to avoid the tendency of the lazy to choose a name near the top?

    I read some article somewhere that noted: the press makes a real effort to present both sides of all issues, including elections. The journalists just let their personal bias influence the times. So: If Hillary wins, expect hard hitting analysis of Hillary to begin right around mid-November.

    Regarding the Trump victims: The devious problem is that there is no way to prove or disprove these accusations. False memories are a thing, and lots of people can pretty much manufacture them at will. How many of us have relatives who tell stories of things that never happened, at least, not the way the relative tells it? So some prog woman hates Trump: “I remember being brushed up against in a night club years ago……I remember Trump groping me in a night club!”. In the absence of a skeptical press, how does Trump defend himself against this kind of thing?

    – – – – –

    On a different topic, but related to Nick’s comment about how people in the US now take offense at *everything*: On TV last night, two television shows collided. In the show I was actually watching, the moderator was expecting a white South African guest to walk onto the stage, the estranged father of another guest, brought in for a surprise reunion. Instead a black guy with a bizarre, almost Indian accent walked on stage. This is on live television, so the moderator couldn’t call “cut” to figure out what was going on. His sotto voice call for backstage support went unanswered – clearly, the entire staff was in on the joke.

    The moderator knew this was the wrong person, and tried to guide him off (but how can this happen! my staff must know!), but the black guy tried to hug his “daughter”, made a scene, then sat down and made himself at home. Then the right guy also came on stage, but…then the mother runs up and declares he isn’t the father either, actually, she had an affair with the *moderator*, who is the real father.

    The moderator actually did an amazing job of keeping his cool, as his show fell apart around him.

    There’s a German television show (“Verstehen Sie Spass?” roughly “Can you take a joke?”), that specializes in setting up situations like this. The star of that show is, of course, instantly recognizable. He was the black guy, buried under tons of facial padding and makeup. I’m just imagining the uproar in the US, if a white guy dared put on black make-up. It was nice to see that no one had a problem with this.

    In any case, I detest the “Verstehen Sie Spass” concept: Putting someone in a horrible situation, so that you can laugh at them. Then not allowing them to be upset, because “what, you can’t take a joke?”. What a crappy concept, what a crappy show.

  45. IT_Pro says:

    Everyone who is thinking of voting for Hillary should read this. Your job could be next:

    “Emmons, who was one of the nation’s first whistleblowers to expose the displacement of American workers by foreign nationals brought in on guest worker visas, is one of thousands of American workers to have lost his job as a result of the cheap labor practices of the India-based outsourcing firm, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)–a Clinton Foundation donor whose anti-American worker business model has been “enabled” and endorsed by Hillary Clinton.”

  46. SteveF says:

    The Can’t You Take a Joke show should have a mallet up on stage, so the prankee can beat the bejesus out of everyone involved. “No, I really can’t.” It would improve viewership, too, as people tune in for the chance of witnessing live beatings.

  47. Dave Hardy says:

    “Everyone who is thinking of voting for Hillary should read this. Your job could be next…”

    It’s nothing new; it was happening under both Obola and Shrub. But with her I’d expect an increase; we’re being replaced, in jobs and everywhere else. It’s gonna be a long job for them because even though we’re portrayed as a minority of the population, we’re actually the majority. By far. But we’ve been sitting on our asses and being patient. This won’t last.

  48. DadCooks says:

    @IT_Pro said: “Everyone who is thinking of voting for Hillary should read this…”

    There is no way that anyone voting for KIllary will read anything not prescribes by the “party”, that is if they can even read. Talking to them is even more futile. Never has there been more of a need for a literacy test for voting as well as not being on the public dole.

  49. Dave Hardy says:

    “Never has there been more of a need for a literacy test for voting as well as not being on the public dole.”

    Agreed. But I would add a Reality Test; a lot of the derps who CAN read and presumably reason, seem to be operating in some other weird dimension of non-reality. We see this in the utter hopelessness with which we attempt to reason with them. Nothing we say and nothing she’s done or said make any difference whatsoever; it’s like they’ve become Stepford wives.

  50. DadCooks says:

    @”OFD” said: “But I would add a Reality Test…”

    First “no-go” question is “have you every worn VR headgear?”.

  51. Dave Hardy says:

    “First “no-go” question is “have you ever worn VR headgear?”.”

    Nope. First no-go question would be “Have you ever voted Democrat?”

  52. DadCooks says:

    I stand corrected 😉

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