Wednesday, 19 October 2016

09:24 – With less than three weeks to go until the election, I see that some Democrats are now claiming to fear widespread violence committed by Trump supporters if Trump is elected. They apparently believe that there are tens or hundreds of thousands of white supremacists and skinheads and Neo-Nazis and KKK waiting in the wings for Trump to gain power and turn them loose. They’re apparently expecting black people to be hanging from lampposts in every city and town and black churches to be firebombed across the country. Geez. They really believe this. Someone needs to tell them that something like 99.999% of Trump supporters hate those racist assholes as much as anyone else does.

And that’s been true for a long, long time. Thinking back to the 1979 shootout in Greensboro between the Communists and the Neo-Nazis/KKK, I remember thinking I hoped they all shot each other. I think that was the general reaction at the time. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

We certainly won’t be anywhere near Winston or any other large city on or around Election Day, but not out of fear of violence by conservatives. I can’t remember the last time that conservatives engaged in violent civil unrest. Progressives, on the other hand, do so routinely. They’re the ones to watch out for. If violent civil unrest does break out on or around Election Day, it won’t be happening up here in Sparta. No doubt a lot of local residents would be locked and loaded, just in case any scumbags show up here. But that’s not likely to happen even if Trump wins and the big cities burn. We Deplorable Normals up here have had more than enough of this shit, as have Deplorable Normals everywhere. And if any Walking Progressives show up here, we’re prepared to deal with them.

Other than one 50-pound bag of flour, we’ve gotten all our bulk staples repackaged in PET bottles, labeled, and with oxygen absorbers. Now we just need to get them downstairs into the LTS pantry and up on the shelves.