Sunday, 9 October 2016

10:25 – The effects of the hurricane are mostly gone up here, other than a stiff breeze with strong gusts. The temperature this morning was in the mid-40’s (~ 7C), but the wind chill was down below freezing. I don’t worry too much about wind unless I see cows rolling by in the field behind us.

We filled bottles yesterday of things we’re short of. Six dozen each 15 mL bottles of barium nitrate solution and potassium ferricyanide solution, and four 3,000 mL bottles of bread flour. Those last were some leftover bread flour we’d packaged temporarily in gallon ziplock bags when we ran out of clean PET bottles. I wanted to get them transferred to a better LTS container, and 3-liter bottles fit the bill. Using a cut-off 2-liter bottle as a large wide-mouth funnel made it easy to transfer the flour. It took only about a fifth as long to make the transfer to 3-liter bottles as it would have taken transferring it to narrower-mouth 2-liter bottles. At some point soon, we need to get another 250 pounds of flour, rice, and sugar transferred to PET bottles. We’ll use 2-liter bottles for the latter two, which are free-flowing enough that the 2-liter bottles work fine.

It appears that the gloves have come off in the Trump/Clinton war of words. I suspect Clinton will lose this battle. She’s an incredibly nasty piece of work, but she’s not the street-fighter that Trump is. Clinton releases a pretty innocuous audio tape and claims that Trump is anti-woman. Trump responds by hauling out the big guns, and accuses her husband of being a literal rapist, with testimony to back that from some of the women who accuse Bill of raping them. So Trump is proven to be crude, which all of his supporters already knew. And Clinton is accused of not just enabling but actively assisting her husband in raping multiple women, which all of Clinton’s supporters also already knew. But I suspect Trump hammering on this is going to damage Clinton by making many of her female supporters think again about the role she played in her husband’s despicable and criminal behavior.

With a month until the election, I suspect that things are going to get a lot nastier. A lot. Given the Clintons’ alleged habit of murdering opponents, if I were Trump I’d be hiring a phalanx of steely-eyed security men who were beholden only to me. And I wouldn’t eat or drink anything that had been out of my sight.