Monday, 10 October 2016

09:17 – Barbara was out doing some work in the yard yesterday when she was attacked by our black walnut tree. The winds were gusty, and walnuts started dropping in droves. At least one nailed her. There are hundreds of them down in the yard now, with hundreds still remaining on the tree.

I’d like to harvest the walnuts, but I have no idea what the best way to proceed is. I vaguely remember back in the 70’s visiting a friend of a friend who had walnuts. IIRC, he’d collected them and put them out to dry. He had a steel plate with walnut-size holes in it. After filling the plate with raw walnuts, he’d smack each one with a rubber mallet to drive it through the hole and de-shell it. But we have no such plate, and I’m wondering if there’s an easier way to go about harvesting them.

Barbara’s at the gym right now. When she gets back, we need to build another batch of the CK01B chemistry kits. Once that’s complete, I’d like to get more bulk staples repackaged, including several 50-pound bags of flour, sugar, and rice. Also, Barbara has commented a couple of times now that the one-gallon jugs of pancake syrup are awkward to handle, particularly when they’re nearly full. I have several of the flip-top 89 fluid ounce (2.63L) orange juice jugs that we’ve cleaned and dried, so I’m going to transfer pancake syrup from the one-gallon jugs into those. Once cleaned, those one-gallon jugs will be useful for storing bulk staples.

I didn’t bother watching any of the debate last night. Watching two psychopaths going at each other isn’t my idea of a good time. Unless, as I’ve suggested, they arm both of them with helmets, shields, and short swords and let them go at it that way. I think Trump could take her. Not that it’d make much difference. Whichever one wins, we Normals are screwed.