Friday, 14 October 2016

10:44 – Friday the 13th falls on the 14th this month…

I see that NTSB has concluded that the recent small plane crash in Connecticut was an intentional act, carried out by a musloid jihadi who was attempting to destroy a facility owned by a defense contractor. Any reasonable person might wonder why these scum are even allowed into the US, let alone allowed access to planes. Not to worry, though. That asshole Obama is importing lots more of these scum, and if Clinton is elected you can be sure that she’ll be importing more by the hundreds of thousands. Eventually, such incidents will become so commonplace that no one will even notice unless they’re directly affected. Or so it would appear that the progressives intend.

Email from Jen, who’s anticipating a Trump victory and violent civil unrest to follow. Like us, Jen and her family are pretty well prepared for whatever may happen. But, also like us, Jen intends to devote some attention over the next 3.5 weeks to getting even better prepared before the election. She wants to have sufficient food on hand to be able to help friends and neighbors if it comes to that, so she and David and the rest of her family are planning to add a lot of bulk staples by buying a dozen or more additional 50-pound bags of flour, rice, beans, sugar, and so on, along with several more large containers of cooking oil. She says they may not have time to get it all repackaged immediately, but it’ll be fine just sitting in the original bags on the tables in the basement. They’re also planning another trial run over the Thanksgiving holiday.