Sunday, 2 October 2016

09:44 – Last month was really slow for kit sales. The first half of the month was normal for September, or a bit better. Around the 15th, sales fell off a cliff and we ended up doing only about two-thirds the revenue of September 2015. On the other hand, this month is starting out well. We’ve already done a third of the revenue that we did in October 2015.

According to one of my correspondents who wishes to remain anonymous, we may be in for an exciting next three months or so. Apparently, the federal government has warned federal and state LE agencies that there’s a significantly increased probability of widespread violent civil unrest associated with the election, only about five weeks from now, and we can expect an increase in so-called lone wolf terrorist attacks, particularly from Thanksgiving and Black Friday though the New Year celebrations. Intuitively, that makes sense to me. As always, it will be a very good idea to avoid central cities, shopping malls, sporting events, and any other venues that draw large crowds. And, if has been speculated, hackers attack and disable the EBT servers immediately before the election, all bets are off. It’d be a very good idea to have made at least minimal water, food, and defensive preparations, just in case.