Saturday, 22 October 2016

09:16 – I see that gun sales are, so to speak, booming as the election approaches. I’m not sure why anyone is concerned. I have it on good authority that Clinton has made an absolute promise: “If you like your guns, you can keep your guns.” And we all know how honorable and trustworthy Clinton is.

Then there’s Trump, who apparently will accept the results of the election if he wins. Otherwise, not so much. I am reminded of Andrew Jackson. This could end up being a real mess. I’m relieved that we’re prepared, come what may.

It’s not that I’m expecting widespread violent civil unrest. I’m not, but nor is the probability zero that it will occur. If serious unrest begins in one or a few cities, there’s a reasonably high likelihood that it would spread like wildfire, and that interruptions to food and fuel deliveries would occur. The inner cities are already tinderboxes, and it wouldn’t take much to ignite them. Our political class is literally playing with fire.

We’ve added John Adams on Amazon Prime streaming to our mix. Barbara can take only so many Walking Dead episodes at a time, so we’re now alternating them with Sam Adams and re-watching the 1971 version of Upstairs, Downstairs.

One of Barbara’s friends from Winston is coming up today to spend the afternoon. Colin will be delighted. He thinks everyone that visits us has come to play with him.