Tuesday, 11 October 2016

09:55 – Last night was the first of the season where our low got down into the 30’s (~ 3C). When I took Colin out first thing this morning, the breeze made the wind chill below freezing. Our first night below actual freezing is normally on 10/31. We may beat that this year.

With four weeks to go until the election, things are getting messy, as was predictable and predicted. As Buffalo Springfield sang nearly 50 years ago, “There’s battle lines being drawn…”. Literally, not figuratively. Trump, who not long ago would have been considered a moderate left Democrat, is bizarrely now the right’s last best hope. The Alinskyite/Trotksyite progressives now own both the Democrat and Republican parties. Candidates who not long ago would have been considered middle-of-the-road are now cast as hard right, if not outright Nazis. Something’s going to break, and break badly. Meanwhile, we Normals stand aghast watching this Kabuki theater, without a candidate to call our own. We’re a patient, well-behaved bunch, but patience has its limits. We can be pushed too far, and that point is rapidly approaching, if it hasn’t occurred already. I’m seeing one sentiment expressed more and more often: “Is it time yet to start shooting?” I’m afraid for the more radical Normals, the answer is becoming, “Yes!”

You’ll know it’s happening when you start to see news stories about left-wing politicians, which is to say nearly all of them, being assassinated. There must be a million or more Normals with the equipment and skills to take down a human-size target at 300 yards or more. If even 0.01% of them start shooting, things would get very interesting very fast.