Tuesday, 25 October 2016

09:45 – With regard to non-prescription antibiotics, as of January 1, 2017 the FDA is transitioning many standard livestock antibiotics from OTC status to what amounts to prescription status. If you want to get some antibiotics, you might want to do it right now. See The End of OTC Veterinary Antibiotics and this PDF link.

We include small amounts of several livestock antibiotics in our biology kits, including penicillin G potassium, oxytetracycline, and sulfadimethoxine, all of which will be restricted as of the first of January. I plan to stock up on those before the deadline. I’m not sure what effect these new regulations will have, if any, on “fish antibiotics” like those sold by aquabiotics.net, but it’s probably safer to assume the worst.

If you need guns, ammunition, or high-capacity magazines, now would also be a good time to get them. As in past panics, if Clinton is elected you can expect extreme shortages and prices that may double or triple overnight.

Barbara is volunteering at the library this evening for the Quiz Bowl. We’ll have an early dinner, and then it’ll be wild women and parties for Colin and me until Barbara returns later this evening.