Monday, 3 October 2016

10:00 – We’re continuing to get a flurry of kit orders. As of this morning, we’ve already done 80% of the revenue we did in all of October 2015. I don’t worry about sales numbers too much. We’ll probably end up having a record for October this year, but on the other hand we could end up not selling a single kit for the rest of the month. Things even out, so I don’t worry about it.

We didn’t expect to get much done today because the guys showed up this morning to start pouring concrete. They tell me it’s going to take almost 50 yards (~ 38 cubic meters) to do the driveway, so we’ll have several concrete mixers showing up. The second one is pouring its load as I write this. We expected Colin to be barking berserkly all day long at all the activity out front. He did bark when the guys showed up, but then he apparently decided that if they were okay with us he didn’t need to bark constantly at them. That’s a first for him.

Like everyone, I can think back to things I thought about doing, didn’t do, and later regretted not doing. The one that immediately comes to mind for me was 25 years ago or so, when Barbara and I were in a Walmart and I noticed a stack of crates of SKS carbines in cosmoline and cans of 7.62×39 ball ammunition for them. The carbines were $29.95 each, as were the ammo cans. Three cents a round. At the time, standing there looking at the stacks, I thought seriously about buying a hundred carbines and a hundred cans of ammunition for them. That would have been $6,000 total, and those items would be worth at least ten times that much now. But I didn’t even mention it to Barbara, because I knew she’d freak at the idea of buying a hundred military rifles and a hundred thousand rounds of ammunition. So I walked out without buying even one. I wish now that I’d bought at least a crate of each, if not the whole pile.

Don’t let that happen to you. I don’t really expect anything catastrophically bad to happen over the next few months, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something did happen. Things are really on edge right now, and it wouldn’t take much of a spark to set off the powder keg. If you haven’t done so already, making at least minimal preparations for bad times should be a high priority. If things do turn to shit, you really don’t want to be sitting there wishing you’d bought and done things that are no longer options for you.