Wed. May 15, 2024 – another day to work.

Weather is supposed to be partly cloudy, but still warm and no rain. I need that so the lake can continue to drain, and the dockhouse can dry out.

Despite my late start and casual approach yesterday, I did make good progress. I was able to clear some of debris left behind as the water receded, and I got the walls opened up in the dockhouse. I removed the lower third of the wall, which was cheap paneling, and found sopping wet insulation behind it. The trim all got put outside to dry out too. Old boy made the baseboards from pressure treated 1×6, so that is good. And some of the door trim was cedar. The outside sheathing is cedar board and batten, so that will dry out fine.

Today will be treating all the wet wood with bleach and a mold/mildew killer, and continued cleanup. I’ll take the time to mow too, as we are supposed to get rain Thursday and/or Friday. The weekend should be nice. As long as we don’t get inches of rain, the lake should be ok.

I have to decide how to refinish the walls when they dry, but I’ve got some time to decide as I want the walls open for a while. I’m thinking vertical tongue and groove wood as the nice option, and plain luaun plywood as the cheaper, less sturdy option. It will look like wainscott because I’ll put the chair rail trim back in place. I’ll probably replace the insulation too. If it floods again, it’ll be ‘rinse and repeat’ but we could go another 30 years before seeing anything like this again. That’s how long it’s been since the last time. It might be smarter to leave out the insulation if I think flooding could re-occur.

So far, I’ve pulled everything I need out of the stacks.

Stacking is good. Having what you need close at hand saves so much time and stress. Knowing what needs to be done helps too.

Stack the knowledge and skill along with the stuff you need to do the job- whatever that job might be.


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  1. brad says:

    I removed the lower third of the wall, which was cheap paneling, and found sopping wet insulation behind it.

    That’s kind of weird. I mean, a boathouse is going to be flooded – surely this isn’t the first time for yours. Why would the walls not be designed accordingly? If insulation, then something like XPS (closed-cell styrofoam). Panelling plastic or metal or something else waterproof. If wood, then plenty of ventilation on all sides, to allow drying.

  2. Greg Norton says:

    re: cell phones and USB

    Once again, I question the cables.

    USB-C cables are supposed to be durable and flawless and reversible.

    My Samsung 8″ tablet is really picky about cables for “fast” charging over USB-C.

    I figure USB-C is about the Patents, like everything else in tech seems to be these days.

    Apple fanboys are going to regret pressuring the company into giving in and going USB-C.

  3. Greg Norton says:

    If it floods again, it’ll be ‘rinse and repeat’ but we could go another 30 years before seeing anything like this again.

    You’re angering the gods. Next May.

    After the freeze in February 2021 killed or severely injured the trees around here, a shorter freeze event two years later was the one during which the limbs fell and brought down the power lines because Texas doesn’t stop swimming naked.

  4. MrAtoz says:

    This, now, is a real man’s chipper:

    I love the first one! That big, gangling, arm reminds me of Terminator X. You could line Congress up like cord wood… A fresh start is always good.

  5. MrAtoz says:

    It’s new iPad day, losers. Sniff. Apple makes the most amazing and all-powerful devices in the World.

    Ticket to Elysium renewed.

  6. Greg Norton says:

    Ticket to Elysium renewed.

    You’ll need the iGoggles.

  7. Ray Thompson says:

    Apple fanboys are going to regret pressuring the company into giving in and going USB-C.

    I actually like the change to USB-C. I can charge my MacBook or use the MacBook to charge my phone and watch. I was never really a fan of the lightning connector as it was proprietary. USB-A, hated that form factor. Micro-USB is the only thing worse.

    What I don’t like about Apple and USB-C is that Apple was forced to make the change by the EU otherwise Apple could not sell devices in the EU.

    I have also noticed that lately the EU seems to be going after a lot of tech companies and imposing fines if EU rules are not followed. I think it is more of a money grab for the EU than a technical issue. I would really like for one tech company to tell the EU to stuff it and no longer sell the product in the EU. Imagine the outroar from EU citizens if the Apple was no longer selling in the EU.  

  8. MrAtoz says:

    You’ll need the iGoggles.

    I still have my Newton somewhere. I’m waiting for the iG’s 2.0, although, iGv1.0 gets you a VIP pass to luncheon with Jody Foster.

  9. JimB says:

    I still have my Newton somewhere. I’m waiting for the iG’s 2.0, although, iGv1.0 gets you a VIP pass to luncheon with Jody Foster..

    I still have my dad’s brace and bits. I wonder if I might meet Noah in the afterlife?

  10. JimB says:

    Actually, Noah was more likely a project manager. Suits me.

  11. Nick Flandrey says:

    Ah another sunny beautiful day.   TWO IN A ROW!!! It’s like paradise.!!

    I need coffee.

    I woke up debating the need to pressure wash the exposed walls in addition to treating them.    I don’t want to add water but where there was any dirt, dust, or mud dauber debris in the wall cavities, there is now dirty mud.   I suppose vacuuming would get that. 

    The water was lake and rain, both of which we allow on our faces so I’m not dealing with sewage.   

    WRT building it out of water resistant material in the first place, it’s not really a boat house or dock house in the sense of an enclosed structure for the storage and maintenance of boat related stuff.   And it isn’t on the dock, although it is on the water’s edge.       It’s really like a little  300- 400sqft cabin that was used as a party room and hang out for the kids.   Furnished, air conditioned, with a little kitchenette and fridge, fold out couch, tables and chairs, etc.  The only thing keeping it from being an “occupancy” is no water or sewer.   The construction is a little cruder and finishes are kind of haphazard, like a dressed up cabin.

    I was surprised to see the insulation too.

    According to my buddy, it did get wet the last time the lake flooded which was even higher than this time.

    Flooding is something we’re a bit blase’ about in Houston, I guess.


  12. JimB says:

    Flooding is something we’re a bit blase’ about in Houston, I guess.

    Like earthquakes here. 😉

  13. drwilliams says:


    I agree with @brad’s comments above. I’d use EPS from floor up 4-feet. And plastic panels below the wainscoting, installed with screws and washers. When you get the wall cavities dried out, it wouldn’t hurt to apply paint to the studs and backside of the exterior siding to slow water uptake in the future. 

    I did some flood mitigation more than then years ago.  Mold was 6” up the fiberglass in 2-3 days. I’ve also dealt with roof leaks over a cathedral ceiling with pine tongue and groove inside. Fiberglass came out and backside of boards were varnished before reinstallation. 

    Hidden paint is for function, not show. I bought mismixed exterior paint from HD for $5 a gallon. 

  14. Greg Norton says:

    Actually, Noah was more likely a project manager. Suits me.

    “Noah and the Ark” movie s a classic bit from Bill Cosby featured on at least on one of his albums.

    CDs were made at some point. I remember seeing them at stores through the 90s.

  15. drwilliams says:

    Ten years ago.  Mold was 6-feet up.  

  16. Nick Flandrey says:

    I pickup comedy CDs, LPs, and DVDs when I see them.   Cosby and anyone else out of favor especially.    Back when we were free-er.   


    Slovakia’s Populist Prime Minister Robert Fico Has Been Shot

    by Tyler Durden

    Wednesday, May 15, 2024 – 08:21 AM

    Slovakia’s populist prime minister Robert Fico has been shot, according to breaking news reports, after which he was rushed to the hospital and appears to be alive according to early reports. But some reports have listed his condition as “very serious” and that he had to be airlifted.

    According to emerging details in The Associated Press, Fico “was injured in a shooting and taken to hospital.

    Another political assassination?   I did predict we’d see an increase.   Viva’ las 1970s!!


  17. brad says:

    lately the EU seems to be going after a lot of tech companies and imposing fines if EU rules are not followed

    Um…yes? That’s kind of the general idea. The US seems to have forgotten about anti-trust enforcement. The EU is doing at least a little bit of it. They need to do a lot more. It would be nice if the US got back into the game too…

    Imagine the outroar from EU citizens if the Apple was no longer selling in the EU.  

    Don’t threaten me with a good time. Working with my students, the ones with Apples are generally the most clueless, even though the degree is supposed to be semi-technical. They have no idea how their computers work, where their files are stored, what’s local vs. in the cloud, how to install software, etc, etc..

  18. Nick Flandrey says:

    Another young person without any economic education wakes up…

    Not a lot of details, but I’m gonna guess that he has a lot of discretionary spending that he thinks of as vital, loans he shouldn’t have gotten, and isn’t exactly a “go getter”.


    He does make some points and he’s reaching an audience and hitting a nerve.   What I found astonishing is the last line, where there is an editorial or authorial statement that looks like gaslighting to me.    I don’t remember anyone ever commenting on an official inflation rate of almost 10%.   Am I mis-remembering? Or did it get lost in the wuflu noise?

    He concluded: ‘We have lost it, folks, we have f***ing lost it. 

    ‘The American dream is dead. It is over. Gone and forgotten.’

    Viewers agreed with him, flocking to the comment section to share their support and their own concerns.  

    One commented: ‘I literally don’t even want to be rich. I just want to be able to eat without anxiety.’

    Another added: ‘A huge percentage of us are one unexpected expense from being homeless. Way too many people don’t get that reality.’

    Interest rates remain at a 23-year-high with the federal funds rate between 5.25 and 5.5 percent after inflation peaked at 9.1 percent in June 2022. 

  19. Nick Flandrey says:

    if EU rules are not followed  

    – @brad, the implication being that the rules are arbitrary, capricious, anti competitive, punitive, or extortionate.    Certainly seems that there are rules that fit all those… or some combination.

    WRT tariffs, remember what happened when Trump said “OK let’s get busy with the tariffs.”    Suddenly the EU STFU and changed the subject.   The press did likewise as they are nothing but lickspittles for the global “elite”.


    –added – I was searching for the quote and the news is full of brand new articles about Trump and his horrible tariffs. Odd that.

  20. drwilliams says:

    Apple is supposed to “just work”. 

    When I worked corporate I ran a Lab network that used Appletalk to share laser printers and pass the occasional file. Couldn’t be done tith the MS abomination at the time, which required one printer for one computer. Corporate IT hated Apple and hated me, because it threatened their cushy jobs. 

    Apple is not a good intro or a good indicator of computer aptitude. Better to require Linux or a Raspberry Pi background.   

  21. drwilliams says:

    And forcing Apple to use USB-C is not anti-trust, it’s authoritarian abuse.  

  22. JimB says:

    Working with my students, the ones with Apples are generally the most clueless, even though the degree is supposed to be semi-technical. They have no idea how their computers work, where their files are stored, what’s local vs. in the cloud, how to install software, etc, etc…

    I wish it were that simple. I have had occasion to try to teach people these things, and breaking bad habits is the most challenging. Worse, they are aided by their device’s environment, which lies to them in the name of convenience. Increasingly, all of them do this, and it just encourages ignorance. I no longer  stay familiar with Apple, but Windows, desktop Linux, and Android are all guilty.

    Recently, I had to interact with Dropbox, and the directory structure was totally hidden. There were two identically-named folders that were created in different branches long ago. In the new flat directory display, one had (1) appended to its name. I was initially lost. I had to open one to tell which it was. Uffda. Who decided to do this?

    I could go on, but my head hurts just thinking about it. If we can’t keep a simple file structure, we are doomed to forever being lost and losing things. We are doomed.

  23. dkreck says:

    Much of this simplification gets done to create ‘Idiot Proof Systems’.

    All of us that have worked in real computer support and creation learn very quickly – there is no such thing.  Idiots keep evolving. 

  24. Greg Norton says:

    “Noah and the Ark” movie s a classic bit from Bill Cosby featured on at least on one of his albums.

    ”Noah and the Ark” is a classic bit…

    The autocorrect went wonky.

  25. drwilliams says:

    EcoHealth Alliance Grants Suspended

    Note that this is the result of an ongoing investigation by House Republicans. No Democrats. No Biden Administration. 

  26. JimB says:

    Idiots keep evolving. 

    …and getting smarter!

     It doesn’t have to be that way. One of my early bosses was a former Marine who had taught new recruits their first electronics class, how to do field repairs. I marveled at how that could be possible. He told me about some simple troubleshooting techniques, and how the students applied them. They had been designed in concert with common failures and spares, and limited skills. It was actually brilliant, especially how it gave the students confidence and a sense of ability.

    Mike Rowe would be proud.

  27. mediumwave says:

    I have had occasion to try to teach people these things, and breaking bad habits is the most challenging.

    Attempting to explain tech to most adults is a complete waste of your time and theirs. 

  28. Ray Thompson says:

    Um…yes? That’s kind of the general idea. The US seems to have forgotten about anti-trust enforcement. The EU is doing at least a little bit of it. They need to do a lot more. It would be nice if the US got back into the game too…

    The EU forcing all companies to use USB-C is really a stretch. Why should the EU force a company to use a specific interface? The EU is only hitting companies with deep pockets.

  29. Jenny says:


    Sorry to hear about the flooding. Sure am glad your preps stood you in good stead and that you e been able to address the aftermath with a minimum of fuss. 
    Here’s to warm dry weather and another 30 year gap in that much rainfall.


    Hung out with our hens yesterday, their coop is in the front yard. The youngest chilled watching the two older hens scratching and working. When they found worms she swooped in and stole the worm, to much shocked cackling and indignation. I trimmed toenails on all three, first was easily caught, next two were savvy to my wicked ways. I tossed down a handful of chicken crack and picked them up as they gobbled it down. Flip, Clip-clip-clip swap foot, clip clip clip. Done and treats. Easy peasy. They fluffed and complained but I’m sure their feet felt better. In the winter nails get long with fewer scratching opportunities on solidly frozen ground. 

  30. paul says:
    What I don’t like about Apple and USB-C is that Apple was forced to make the change by the EU otherwise Apple could not sell devices in the EU.

    What was the reason?  You buy Apple, you use Lightning.  You buy Android and you use USB-C.  Seems pretty simple.

    I’m going to go look at routers.  After I re-boot.  No telling what Win11 is about to change. 

  31. JimB says:

    I trimmed toenails on all three, first was easily caught, next two were savvy to my wicked ways.

    And some call them birdbrains. 🙂

  32. JimB says:

    Sometimes auto correct makes me laugh. It changed birdbrains to birdbaths. He-he.

  33. JimB says:

    All this about AI and autocorrect reminded me about the time I had a real secretary. Ah, those were the days.

    Maybe almost as good as a personal assistant.

  34. lpdbw says:

    There is a perception in the U.S. that the E.U.  is an unaccountable unelected layer of government who views themselves as elite and superior to the unwashed, and completely tonedeaf to the notions of national identity, citizen rights, and antipatriotic in the extreme.

    Back in 1775 we fought a war over similar issues.  Remote, unresponsive, unrepresentative governments are unappreciated here.

    There is also a perception from those of us who were around when the E.U. was founded that its primary focus and reason for existence was to counter the influence of the U.S. in the world markets.  In other words, Anti-U.S.  This is not an endearing trait, from our perspective.

    The way they treated the U.K. when they chose to secede from the E.U., and the grudge-holding don’t exactly show an attitude of “let’s all just get along and foster trade”.

    None of which makes the U.S.  government, as it exists today, any more perfect.   

  35. drwilliams says:

    My first corporate department had two secretaries with IBM Selectric II typewriters. Lucy was near retirement and had an artificial hip—she could type over 120wpm on reports full of technical jargon. I scrounged up a Symbol type ball so the degree signs were typed and not hand-drawn. 

  36. lpdbw says:

    I worked for a bank for a couple of years in the 1980’s, and my department had 3 secretaries.  The VP, who was worthless, judged his senior technical staff based on the number of Very Important Memos we put out.  My immediate supervisor told me to do at least one a month to keep the VP happy, so I did.

    The VP also made it clear that all memos were to be produced by the secretaries.  Men’s time was too valuable to spend it typing.  Ignoring the fact that basically, we were typing for our living.  We were told to dictate them into handheld tape machines, and to give the tapes to the secretaries to type them up using state-of-the-art word processing software (I think it was VAX Document).  So they’d produce a draft on paper, send it back to us, we’d make corrections, and after a round or two, approve it for sending out.

    I made a deal with the junior secretary.  I’d put a blank tape in her inbox with my name on it, and she’d check her emaill, and my memo would be waiting for her to convert from plain text to VAX Document, which was super simple and required way less typing.  Since I compose at the keyboard at about 30 words a minute, it took less time than dictation would.

  37. Nick Flandrey says:

    I needed an elective in high school to replace something I’d gotten a low grade in, and I took “typing”.    It could more accurately be described as “learning to operate a typewriter, which is a mission critical business communication device.”

    On a manual, that needed definite and strong keypresses, and doing pure “typing” from source material, I got to be pretty fast.   I wasn’t as fast on the electric and took my test on the manual.

    I’d like to think that it was prescience on my part, or at least prudence, since I’d had a TRS-80 computer since they came out.   Sadly, I don’t think I was that savvy.


    @jenny, I learned something from you today- chickens have toenails, and they need to be clipped.   NEVER would have known that.  Thank you also for the kind words.


    I got electricity restored to the dock and dockhouse.  I tested all the circuits for shorts to ground, or neutral, then energized the feed to the subpanel.   That breaker is a GFCI and it held.   That indicated that my testing was correct, so I energized the rest, one breaker and one segment at a time.   I’ve got fans running now.

    I also removed more wet wood, furring strips mostly.   They were installed poorly with the ends touching concrete.  This is never good as they will wick moisture from the concrete and rot over time.   Which they did.   So out they are coming.   The more moisture I can remove from the room the better the rest will dry.

    I’ve got more furring strips and some tar paper still to go, and I’m going to have to pull the trim from around the door to let air into those small spaces.  I did vacuum up a lot of dirt and debris that was touching the sill plate and holding moisture.   Dirt holds a LOT of water.   A surprising amount of dirt can accumulate in the half inch between the floor tiles and the sill plate over 50 years.

    After I finish my lunch, I’m going to take a few more fans down there and continue ripping stuff out- I mean gently and cautiously removing as little as possible…  it doesn’t actually take much longer to do a surgical removal than to just bash and smash, and there is a lot less to pick up afterwards.

    Didn’t have ANY of this on my schedule, btw… don’t know why I even bother making plans sometimes…


  38. WhiteHorse says:

    @Bob Sprowl

    I’ve so far successfully “cleared” two households of all kinds of funny networking issues

    after reading and following this article:

    Both Samsung tv’s for what its worth ….

  39. Ken Mitchell says:

    Sometimes auto correct makes me laugh.

  40. Nick Flandrey says:

    Hey Rick, my hobby website has blown up in my face, because they emailed out direct links to files on the old site.

    I have been trying everything but I can’t find a way to just name a page something, or create a file with a specific path to match what they sent out.  – which is a store that uses paypal 

    The old site is up and  works, I just need to have a page that matches the link in the national email and wp will not let me create or specify a url to match.

    WP sanitizes the url to be  in this case.


    The other link they sent out is

    I can get wp to make a page /registration_form/  

    and I can put a link to “Reg_form.pdf” on that page, but I can’t get it to d/l or open the pdf when you enter the link url they sent out-  

    Point me the right way.   What would be 10 minutes work with ftp and a site building tool that uses html directly has stymied me for an hour.



  41. RickH says:

    @nick – assuming it’s a WordPress site….. I think this first way might work….haven’t tested it.

    Upload the randomfile.pdf (whatever it’s name is) to the Media screen. That will result in it having a URL something like . 

    The, find that file in the Admin, Media area, click on it. File details, including the URL, will be on the right side. There should be a ‘edit more details’ link on the right side. Click it. 

    That will get you to a screen that looks like a post/page. Underneath the Title/Subject of that page (media is just another type of post/page, which is why it looks that way), is the ‘Permalink’, and an Edit button. In there, you might be able to change the URL of the file. But it may only allow you to change the filename, not the full path.

    This second way might be more efficient/easier. … 

    If that doesn’t work, you can upload randomfile.pdf to media, then copy the URL that it gets. Then change the htaccess file to redirect the oldfile to the new file. Something like

    Redirect 301 "/old_url.html" "/new_url.html"

    where you replace the ‘old-url.html’ with the URL that the person emailed out. And the ‘new_url.html’ with the URL of the media item. Place that after any htaccess rules that force SSL (which you should have). 

    This second way might be easier, due to the way that WP stores and references (and redirects internally) HTTP requests.

    The third way is to tell the other guy to send out a new email with corrections using the correct URL that WP uses when you upload something to Media.

    You might also create a 404 page to intercept all of those wrong URLs and redirect them to another page (say, one that has a list of all the PDFs).

    Converting to a WP system from a hardcoded HTML site – usually easier just to re-create content (post/pages). Much faster, overall, usually, to re-create content.

  42. SteveF says:

    My birds were annoyed because they were out only an hour, maybe an hour and a half, today. Between rain and having to take The Child to two appointments, I wasn’t able to be out to keep an eye on them. Well, they’ll survive. And if they die of being imprisoned in their tiny little 200 sq ft run, practically a prison cell, then they were weak and deserved to die. The new tarp keeps more of the run dry, including half of the coop roof, the four-rung perch, and their tire, which is just an old car tire that I threw some straw into.  The dust bath, too, though they still aren’t using it with the new dust. Regardless, they have plenty of things to sit on and get off of the ground if it’s wet. The big tarp also shades most of the run in the afternoon. I’d prefer that it was a lighter shade, but dark grey was the only color for the extra heavy duty tarps.

    My birds’ nails aren’t a problem. They spend a lot of time running around and scratching, including all Winter. It helps that we had so little snow, so they managed to be out at least a little bit almost every day. They’re currently unhappy about not being allowed into the garden, but they devoured a number of sprouts when they snuck in a few days ago when my wife was working in it. Again, they’ll get over it.

     I keep their feed in a metal trashcan in the shed. There’s little poops around it and I sometimes hear scurrying when I go into the shed, so it’s pretty clear that someone would like to get at it. Too bad, loser. You’ll have to content yourself with what little I drop when I’m filling the food bin which goes in the cage under the run. The wire grid of the cage is small enough that nothing bigger than a baby mouse can get through it, so the food won’t be nibbled by critters at night when the birds are locked in the coop. I’ve seen chipmunks running around inside the run – they fit through the chicken wire – picking up scraps, so I know they’re interested.

  43. Rick H says:

    @Nick – you can also upload the files to the expected location, since the files exist (not as a WP-based file), they should still load properly.

    Example: since the URL mentioned in the email is , just place the main.html page there in the ‘~shop’ folder. 

    If the ‘shop’ site exists on the new installation, then you can put a manual redirect notice to the new shopping main page. Or you can use the htaccess redirect to do the same thing. 

    The main.html page can contain whatever you want. Even an ‘under construction’ notice. The main.html page should co-exist with the WP installation at the new site.

  44. Nick Flandrey says:

    Thanks Rick the redirect worked.   Took only a few minutes to read up on redirection and follow your example.    I had no idea…   I spent about 2 hours trying to do it the “right” way by only modding the site pages…

    BTW, that is a scary powerful tool.


  45. paul says:

    The htaccess file is an awesome tool. 

  46. paul says:

    I looked at routers on Big River.  Bleh.  I’m due for a trip to Tractor Supply in a week or so for cat and dog food.  I’ll stop by the Office Depot Max and see what they have.

  47. lynn says:

    I’m bummed.

    I’ve been sick for the last week, and finally got out of the house to go to my shooting range.  They have T-shirt Tuesday.  Wear one of their (expensive) logo shirts, shoot for free on Tuesday.

    They have a sign out front saying “Last shot”,  “Land sold” and a date in about a week.

    Yes, they’re shutting down.  Today may have been my last visit.

    Wait is this the shooting range in Rosenberg ?  I just looked and it just closed.  That is about five miles from my house.

    Dadgumit, that was an excellent place to shoot.

  48. Rick H says:

    Yep, htaccess is a must for all sites. At the very minimum, it should have this at the top:

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !on
    RewriteRule (.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

    This forces all requests to HTTPS. (Assumes that you have SSL enabled on your site, which is usually free at most hosting places.)

    In addition, every site (WP, non-WP) should have this, which will disable direct directory listings on the entire site (you don’t want the bad guys to be able to wander through your site folder listing)

    ## Disable directly listing
    Options -Indexes

    And this one for WP sites, which gives further protection to the wp-config file

    ## protect wp-config file from improper access
    <files wp-config.php>
    order allow,deny
    deny from all

    You could also install my “Privacy and Security by CellarWeb’ WP plugin, which does other protections of a WordPress site. It doesn’t modify the htaccess file, but provides suggestions for that file.  Free, of course.

  49. Nick Flandrey says:

    And I’ll try the second method of just uploading the files into the folders when I get home, eventually.

    Part of the sux is that I am on my “work” laptop, and it’s set to not remember credentials.   Not that I ever accessed bluehost from it before.. so I had some guessing to do.  And it has a small screen.   And I had board members trying very hard not to yell at me thru emails because what went wrong was registration for our annual convention/tradeshow since the national org just spammed the entire membership list with “hey go sign up for the Texas show RIGHT NOW while you are thinking about it!!!!111!!!111!1”

    The biggest problem is that I have only the vaguest idea what I’m doing and sometimes just iterating changes* doesn’t get the job done…

    So thanks again!


    *otherwise known as guessing.  Or poking at it till it’s broken or fixed.

  50. Rick H says:

    Regarding cable modems – just received this one – Surfboard SB8200, a  DOCIS 3.1 – 1GB cable modem. Intended to replace my 1000MB modem, possibly increasing download speeds. Which are currently around 220-250MB. 

    Have not installed it yet. Will be doing a ‘speedtest’ before and after to see if there is  a difference. 

    It’s an Amazon ‘Renewed’ unit – cost $87 vs $135 for a brand new one. No damage that I can see. Came in a generic-looking cardboard box, but well-packaged. Missing the product manuals and ‘quick-start’ card, but those are available at the site. 

    Installation requires an Ethernet port on your laptop (mine doesn’t have one), or an app you can use on your phone. Might require a call to my ISP to register it; will be trying to install without the phone call.

  51. drwilliams says:

    The lower court ruled in favor of the sorority leaders, allowing them the right to define “woman” more broadly to include transgender women. In presiding over the case, Judge Alan Johnson emphasized the sorority’s autonomy as a private organization, stating that defining “woman” falls within their purview. “Defining ‘woman’ is Kappa Kappa Gamma’s bedrock right as a private, voluntary organization and one this Court may not invade,” he wrote.

    It may be a private organization, but redefining words that are part of contract language is legally dubious. And why do I suspect that the traditional definition of sorority says something like “an association of women students” which could be argued to be included by reference in the contractual agreement between the students and the sorority?

    And, yeah, where are these girls fathers, brothers, and uncles? Half dozen come to visit for the weekend as self-declared “women” and something tells me the package leaves the building one way or another.

  52. drwilliams says:

    I see that Stormy Daniel’s husband claims they’ll probably leave the country if Trump is found not guilty. 

    No word on whether he thinks they will pay the $120k judgement Trump won from Stormy for his legal fees before they leave. 

    Actually, if he wins she should offer a trade: She could make campaign commercials for him. 

  53. drwilliams says:

    Climate Skeptic Offers NYT Energy and Emissions Saving Advice

    1. Turn off the a/c in the building

    2. Open the windows

    3. Jump out.

  54. Nick Flandrey says:

    Wait, what?

    The Supreme Court said a private organization has it within their purview to define a woman as anything the please?  And that the Court can’t interfere??

    That sucks for the girls who have leadership that is insane and anti-woman, but it’s a HUGE win for anyone not infected with the trans/woke mind virus.

    Private organizations an say “woman means woman born as female and identifying as female” and no one can say different.

    HUGE win.


  55. Nick Flandrey says:

    Ho boy that’s good!   I tagged today “gardening” because my buddy thought we’d have to dig the potatoes today to keep them from rotting in the wet soil.    He must have done it without me, because when I got done cutting the grass there was a shopping bag full of baby red potatoes.   

    About half are raquet ball sized, the rest are smaller.   I sliced a couple real thin and saute’ed them with butter and a couple of thin slices of sweet onion.  HO BOY are they good.

    So far, garden yield for me- two radishes and a bag of taters.   If I can control myself I intend to save some to go with my breakfast.   Or I might have to fry up some more tomorrow.


  56. Nick Flandrey says:

    Well, tomorrow is another day.   Dang those taters were good.


  57. drwilliams says:

    Carbs iz gud foar yoar zzz’s.

  58. Nick Flandrey says:

    Currently 73F and I’ve got a full belly.   It’s a bit early for shortwave but I think I’ll head down to the dock for a small fire and a bit of radio…


    Dang those taters were GOOD.

  59. drwilliams says:

    Instapot dinner for tonight:

    1+ pound peeled carrots

    1+ pound baby red potatoes, mostly skin-on

    add one cup water

    add rack

    one 24-oz pork loin, BBQ flavored

    put on lid with vent in sealing position

    Plug in. Select manual. set to 15 minutes. 

    About 10 minutes to bring pressure up to seal, 15 minutes to cook, 15 minutes to cool. Vent last bit of pressure.

    Remove pork loin to cutting board.

    Remove rack. 

    Remove half of carrots and potatoes to bowl so half of bottom is free.

    Cut pork loin in 3/8″ slices. Put 6 slices on plate, return balance to juice in pot.

    Serve potatoes and carrots to plate. Lightly mash potatoes, dump juice from cutting board on them. 

    Season with salt/pepper garlic blend

    Pour glass of milk.


    Set up 4 Rubbermaid square containers (4-cup?). Divide potatoes and carrots. Divide pork loin slices. Season. Put tops on and place in refrigerator for lunches and dinners.

    Lemon bar cake and ice cream for dessert. 

    Clean pot and knives. Dishes to dishwasher.

    Tomorrow night I will add some broccoli and cheese, maybe add some pesto to the pork.

  60. lpdbw says:

    Wait is this the shooting range in Rosenberg ?  

    Nope.  It was Boyert, on Mason Rd. near Katy.

    Practically in my neighborhood, friendly folks, decent gun store on premises.   I rented a bunch of guns there while shopping before I settled on my P365 XL with Holosun green-dot sight.

    I’ll adapt.  Maybe I’ll actually find a realtor who’ll call me back, and I’ll actually buy some property I can shoot on.

  61. Ken Mitchell says:

    Wow, that’s a nice looking range. Surprising that it would close so abruptly. 

  62. lynn says:

    Two ranges closed abruptly !  One in Katy and one in Rosenberg.

    Once is coincidence …

  63. Nick Flandrey says:

    Well I’m calling it a night.   Buddy says the latest forecast is for another 5 inches of rain tomorrow.   That would be the sux.

    I covered all the patio furniture and picked everything off the floor in the dockhouse, just in case.

    Radio was a bust tonight.   Noise floor is really high.  Lots of fading and noise.   Little fire was a disappointment too. 

    We had some brief clear sky, I could see stars and everything, but that has clouded over and there is lightning on the horizon.     And it’s getting more frequent and louder.  

    I’m sleeping in if it’s raining when I wake up.


  64. Nick Flandrey says:

    @lpdbw , there’s some acreage near here…  and there are a couple of lots in the community that are for sale… they are up on the hill, not the lake, so they won’t flood.


  65. Nick Flandrey says:

    Data point,   no ill effects from the 2 year old sour cream.

    But the graham crackers I had for dessert today were stale.

    Hamburger buns from the freezer still fine after about a month or two, without any special storage.   English muffins from the freezer after a year, still good, frozen in the store packaging.

    And the liquid whole eggs in the carton from HEB are tasty even after being frozen.  They are my go to way to store eggs long term, as long as I have a freezer.  I’ve been pouring some in the pan and making scrambled eggs for breakfast and I’ll do it for the rest of this visit now that I’ve defrosted and opened the carton.

    Someone mentioned peanut oil going rancid, but I have some from years ago that is still good.   It says it’s stabilized with vitamin E.   It’s my preferred cooking oil.  After bacon fat.  And I filter it thru coffee filters and re-use it many times for deep frying.  

    Save your bacon fat too.   I’ve got a metal can on the counter, but when it gets too full, I move the excess to a mason jar and freeze it.   It’s more then $6/pound in the store, which is more than bacon costs, and it makes everything taste better.


  66. Nick Flandrey says:

    WRT the shooting ranges closing, the land under them is becoming too valuable.  My local that closed  has been re-developed into a mixed use, office and storefront strip.  6 businesses paying rent instead of one.


  67. Nick Flandrey says:

    @lpdbw – Boyert has had problems since the owner was killed in the helo crash with the ex-Minister from zimbabwee or whichever african shirthole it was…  Is their location near Westheimer and Chimneyrock still open?

    I think that was their original and “flagship” store.


  68. brad says:

    The EU forcing all companies to use USB-C is really a stretch. Why should the EU force a company to use a specific interface?

    The reasoning, which one can agree or disagree with, was that proprietary connectors cause a lot of waste, and a lot of pain for the end users. The only advantage was to the manufacturers, who got to sell proprietary chargers and cables.

    I’m on the road a lot. As a consumer, I can say that it is really nice that I only have to have one charger in my backpack, which will work for any device. Also only one cable, and which will connect any two devices. A few years ago, I had to lug around a whole collection. I still have one or two older devices (an older Kindle, for example), and they are a pain.

    I’m not a total fan of the EU. As lpdbw points out, they they treated the UK very poorly after Brexit. Politicians hate losing power, and they wanted to send a message to other countries considering their own “exits”. Also, the EU Commission is as arrogant as the worst Western government anywhere. For example. repeated attempts to restrict end-to-end encryption, with the same stupid arguments as in the US or the UK. Also for example: always pushing for more centralization and more consolidation of power.

    The best initiatives come from the EU Parliament, which has so far managed to be a reasonable organization. Time and power will inevitably take their toll, of course, but Europe can enjoy this while it lasts…

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