Day: May 22, 2024

Wed. May 22, 2024 – school days, school days, dear old golden rule days…

Hot and humid again. National weather forecast has stuff just north of us again, but Houston in the clear. Hot and clear. Humid and clear. It was 94F and sunny yesterday afternoon and that just killed me for working outdoors in the sun. Nope, not gonna do it.

So yesterday’s plan, such as it was, didn’t really work. I did computer stuff in the morning, getting partway caught up on my auctions, but then ended up running D2 over to a friend’s house to watch movies. I hit a goodwill and then Costco on the way home. Costco has Charmin blue on sale this cycle, and their French Roast whole bean coffee was <$5/pound. I also grabbed a two pack of prime sirloin cap roasts (picanha roast). We had one for dinner, and one went in the freezer. They were $6/pound which is a great price. I'm out of freezer space though. The Kirkland french roast whole bean is pretty good, and pretty darn good for the price. At the moment it's cheaper than the Community Coffee that I like.. I noticed that new EMPTY LP gas bottles are now $42 each at Costco. They were ~$20 pre-wuflu. That's a big increase in anyone's book. They had several varieties of rice but they are still short stock and choices with higher prices compared to 2 years ago. I made dinner and vac sealed the roast and some prime sirloin I'd picked up and just put in the freezer in the store packaging. It won't last long in the thin plastic, so I'm glad I noticed I hadn't done the bagging. A bit more auction stuff in the evening and it was time to retire and face another day. Today the kids have school again. Some schools are still without power, but the district decided to bring as many kids back as possible. I don't recall them doing that in the previous 8 years... it's usually all or nothing. Still have neighbors nearby that don't have power, and there are still streets that are partly or completely blocked. I went and looked at the one a couple blocks from me, and it is a HUGE tree with very thick branches. I think a couple of people could clear it in a few hours, at least to open one lane, but it would be a lot of work in the sun. I decided to let someone else work at it. Still doing cleanup and putting stuff back, but didn't receive my replacement carb yesterday either. I don't want to get elbow deep in generators until I can do them all. And I might set up the evaporative cooling fan first. I've got it, I should use it. And some sun shade would be nice. We'll see how today goes, with an early wrap to my stuff when the kids need rides home. Maybe I'll get a grocery trip in. Gotta keep stacking... nick

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