Day: May 19, 2024

Sun. May 19, 2024 – Getting hot down here in H town…

Gonna be another warm one. It was in the 90s yesterday and in the sun, I felt every degree. Had to pause several times to cool off, and I was working at a “deliberate” pace.

Cut up and stacked my tree debris. That took from 10ish to 4ish. THen I did the same at my rent house. Took until about 730ish. Came home and tried to help the neighbor get their borrowed but very new looking gennie running.

Bad gas, varnish in the float bowl, and ultimately a float needle that wouldn’t seal. Told them to order a new carb. It’s not enough to drain the tank, you have to drain the float bowl too, and probably coat the aluminium with vaseline or something similar. Leave the fuel hose disconnected, and the petcock open. That MIGHT let any water that condenses in your tank drain away, instead of ruining your float bowl. Keeping the gennie dry and away from temperature swings will probably help too.

Today will be figuring out how to get the ‘widow maker’ branches down out of the big tree in the front yard. There are a few massive branches among the smaller stuff. Those have to come down.

We were supposed to have power back yesterday, but they were mistaken as we didn’t. That is encouraging though that it might not be 2 weeks or 2 months. I talked to the Centerpoint survey guys driving around and they said it was 20 transmission towers that were blown over. IDK how they are going to fix that in 5 days but that’s what the president of Centerpoint said… although I bet there were some qualification words used.

I’m wiped out. It’s dripping humid, and it’s really hot in the sun. Bad combo. And all my cool vests are at the BOL…

I’ll just have to be careful, I guess.

As far as prepping notes, if this cheap amazon chinese carb works, I’m ordering a spare. Totally worth it for $15. And I’m going to figure out why the propane conversion kit is so sensitive to load and adjustment. Dunno if I’ll get to solar, hope not, but if things go badly…

Stack. And stack some more.


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