Day: May 16, 2024

Thur. May 16, 2024 – I may be flooding again…

Forecast apparently calls for up to 5 inches today. That would probably raise the lake back up 10 inches. And that would be close to flooding me again. Yesterday was nice. Even got hot in the sun. Still very damp so not much dried out.

I did get stuff done. Got more cleanup in the dockhouse. Mowed the lawn, and made some adjustments to the mower. Still need to do something else to the deck, as it’s cutting unevenly. Might have to watch a vid or read something… heaven forefend.

Today’s list of stuff is going to be entirely dependent on the weather. I’ll do what I can to keep moving forward. And hope the forecast is wrong. I can work on my hobby website… thanks again to Rick for sharing his knowledge.

Meanwhile the world is getting even crazier. No matter what it’s gonna be bad, and it’s gonna suck. Having some preps and someplace to go will help it suck less. Do what you gotta do. Stack.


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