Day: May 8, 2024

Wed. May 8, 2024 – can’t catch up, so here’s more…

Warm. Super moist. Summer is finally really here? It was so humid yesterday that I was sweating just tying down stuff in the bed of the truck. My wet floormats wouldn’t dry. Today should be clear, and mostly like yesterday, but I could do with a few points less RH.

Did my pickups. Did my family duties. Had a nice dinner. Didn’t make progress on the house stuff, or really anything else.

I’ve got no relief today either as my client texted that there’s an issue he can’t solve, even with my phone guidance, so I will head to his place today. Hopefully I can figure out where the issue is and get it sorted quickly. Complex systems have lots of ways to fail, which is why I found them interesting to work with, but it does make it harder to keep them up and running. He doesn’t have the most complex home AV system in the world, but it’s pretty complex.

All my normal stuff will wait while I look into his issue, because that’s what he pays me for.

There aren’t any gnomes to do my work for me while I sleep, unfortunately.

Life. It’s what happens while you are planning for something else.


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