Day: May 23, 2024

Thur. May23, 2024 – More rain for the BOL, but it should miss Houston…

But not today. Hot, humid, and sun beating down by afternoon… with temps in the mid 90s. Like yesterday.

I was so weary yesterday that I didn’t get much done. Some auction stuff, but not much else. Had to get the kid from school in the early afternoon too.

I’ll be busy today though. I’m headed to the BOL on Friday, so I’ve got stuff to get done today. I’ve got a couple of auction pickups. I’ve got a couple of maintenance things to do. I’ve got to get the back fence stabilized a bit better than the wife and kid left it. Yesterday the neighbor did some work on theirs but just left a big hole where ours meets theirs that the dog could easily get through. I had to move some chain link fence to the area. That’s when I realized I’d better do something about the fence to fix the temporary repairs with some more temporary repairs.

Oh, I got an email from one of my storage units that many units were damaged by water and I should check mine out and get any damaged stuff out before it rots… I’m hoping it’s not my units that were damaged. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

So no rest for the weary today. Yesterday will have to be enough.

Get back to work slacker.

And get back to prepping, stacker…


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