Day: May 21, 2024

Tues. May 21, 2024 – no school, but I still have power, touch wood…

Hot and humid again today. Boy it was unpleasant yesterday. In fact, the heat and humidity combined with my weariness, and left me mostly taking the day to sit in the blessed cool of the A/C and read.

That’s AFTER getting up, trying to get the gennie started for the day, eating breakfast, and starting on gennie repair. And looking out the window to see linemen doing their thing on my street… which led to getting my power restored in the mid-morning and only a few days after it went out. They really have done an outstanding job, considering that unlike a hurricane, they didn’t have a whole crew lined up outside the hurricane zone, staged and ready to jump in.

Once the A/C was on, I wasn’t motivated to bake my brain in the sun. I did do some pickup and clean up and putting away inside the house…

And I worked on getting my office and computers back up. With some success. I seem to have one damaged monitor. Not bad considering how many over and under voltage events must have occurred.

Then my wife and kids decided to come home for a few days before we head back up for the long weekend. They got in around 10pm. It’s good to have the pack together.

Today will be continuing to put everything back where it belongs, and maybe even make some inroads on the patio or driveway, since I should be out there anyway. Oh, and doing some gennie work. The carb didn’t arrive yesterday, but it’s supposed to arrive today. If this turns out to be one of those scammy drop shippers or china packet mail shippers, I’m calling amazon to complain. There were other sellers but this was the one at the top of amazon’s results. Amazon has allowed their platform to be overrun with scammers and chinese sellers and pure cr@p. It’s getting harder to find the good product every day.

The world gets cr@pier every day.

Try to make your personal world a little better. You can’t counter the whole world, but you can improve your situation.

And by now you know I think you should do it by stacking the stuff you need.


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