Day: May 14, 2024

Tues. May 14, 2024 – slightly better day ahead…

Well, today is supposed to be warm and clear with a breeze to help dry things out. That will help with the land, but it won’t make the lake go down any faster…

At the current rate, it’ll be late today before all the water is out of my dockhouse, if there aren’t any more showers, and if I guessed at the depth correctly.

I can’t even start remediation until the lake is down.

In the mean time… I saw some monster fish while I was cleaning the area around my dock, so I spent some time fishing. Standing on my dock, knee deep in water… warm comfortable water… was odd to say the least. But by the afternoon I was going nuts with not working.

So I got the mower together and running. I mated my old 46″ deck to the ‘new’ Cub Cadet with the bad 42″ deck. The manufacturer is the same so I had hope, even if the brand was different. And it fit with only minor adjustment. I had to fix my deck once I thought it would fit. Whatever I hit that took out the motor broke one of the spindles too. 3 of the 4 mounting tabs were broken off. I had replacements in the shed.

After a test cut and some adjustment, I started swapping wheels and tires around to get all good tires on the Cub mower. I didn’t know there were two axle styles so I have a set of brand new rears that I’ll have to sell. I moved the decent rears from the old mower over. Lubed everything, and that took me to nightfall. I still need to do an engine service and replace the drive belt with the new parts I bought for it, but it runs, and mows.

Not sure what I’ll do today while waiting for water to dry, but I’m sure it will be another thrilling adventure!

Prepping saved me a whole lot of trouble with the mowers. I had spares and replacement parts, and was easily able to swap stuff around and get back to running. Even counting the parts that were wrong, I still saved a bunch by buying early and at auction. And since the BOL is set up for use, I don’t have any problem being here for 10 days even though I’d only planned on one.

I’ve got pumps, dehumidifiers, mold killer, tools, and skills, so as soon as the water recedes I’m ready to go to work too.

Prepping works. Stacks help and give choices. Stack!


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