Day: May 2, 2024

Thur. May 2, 2024 – what, no comments about the workers of the world and commie day?

Warmish, and overcast, with storming later. IF it didn’t rain all night. I went to bed late and the promised rain hadn’t started, so IDK what to expect today. Yesterday ended up relatively nice, with periods of pretty nice. No rain for me, other than a few spattered drops.

Went to my client’s house and did some poking around. Found a problem with a cable. Swapped an extender pair anyway just in case the extender was failing.

Left the site to head to my buddy’s shop, but he waved me off, which left me at loose ends. Hit the Goodwill outlet. Meanwhile, D1 has been having an “interesting” day. One male vs male fight in the hall, and two female vs female fights, one right in front of her. The video is vicious. No posturing and fake fighting like the girls did when I was in school. Congrats ladies, you are violent sl#ts, just like the men. What progress! #feminismrules

This was followed by a phoned in bomb threat that resulted in a brief lockdown. Not credible. Thankfully.

Da fuq is the world coming to?

The official communication from the school should be interesting. So far there’s been none. I will assume then that this is common throughout the district, and we just haven’t been told about any of the other violence either. Time, maybe long past time, to look at alternatives.

“Teach your children well”. Well… they’ve been taught, and we’re going to reap the whirlwind.

Stack. Look hard at your personal security. Stack some more.


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