Day: May 20, 2024

Mon. May 20, 2024 – still no power… but that’s not shocking…

Hot and humid today, because Houston. Summer. Global warmening !11!!11 Yeah, the first two, not so much the third. It did get pretty dang hot in the afternoon, but there was a cool breeze if you were soaked to the skin, and in the shade. Had to sit in the air conditioned truck for a bit in the afternoon.

Got the widowmaker down and it was BIG. Stuff looks small up there in the tree…. but this would pulverize you if it hit you. There were some things that might have raised an eyebrow, but I went slow, was considering all the choices and likely reactions, and actually got a harness and lifeline on for the bit standing on the ladder with the polesaw.

And I managed to wear out the polesaw. The drive sprocket got eaten by the chain. It’s a cheap part but I won’t get it for 3-5 days. Good thing I finished most of the cutting and could use the regular chainsaw for the rest.

I thought about just buying a whole new one as a backup, but they are $125! I’ll wait for my mojo to bring another to the auctions. Should be lots coming up.

Drove out of town to get propane for the honda gennie. We’re SUPPOSED to get power restored to my address according to Centerpoint but I’ll believe it when I’m basking in the A/c.

Which might be earlier if I can get the other gennie running.

Today is more cleanup, work on the gennies, and see if the power comes on. Probably get a can of red beans and rice ready to go with the kielbasa sausage for dinner… so far I’ve been eating leftovers for dinner, but I finished most of them yesterday.

Still not into any “emergency” food. It’s only been a couple of days really. And with the cleanup to do, I’ve been getting up, working, eating, showering, and heading to bed. Not much spare time.

Disasters are pretty busy times. I know there are preppers who can’t wait for their normal lives to end, who think they will finally be able to read books all day, and get to all those projects they’ve put off. Sorry NO. It doesn’t work that way. All the modern conveniences that fill our homes and lives are what gave anyone other than royalty “free time”. If you don’t have human servants to do the work, better have some mechanical servants. Our homes are filled with robotic wonders to heat water, clean dishes and clothes, cook meals, and provide for our needs. Take those away and your day fills up pretty quickly.

Stacks can help you repair stuff when it breaks, two is one and one is none is true. I’ve done it several times already and it’s only been a couple of days. Stacks will feed you with handy prepared foodstuffs. Stacks will let you cook and clean easily. Stacks will easy your problems and give you options. So what are you waiting for?? Stack.


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