Day: May 1, 2024

Wed. May 1, 2024 – well, I switched it around…

Cool and clear but raining later, if the liars aren’t lying. Yesterday was very nice and I’d like a bit more spring, if you please. It was mid 80s by afternoon, even a bit hot when the breeze wasn’t blowing. Sunny and clear too.

So I looked at the weekly forecast and decided to do my pickups and drop off yesterday, and see my client today. I needed the clear weather for the pickup truck load, but I’ll be using the Expy for my site visit. I figured I’d better make-a hay while the sun, she is a-shining. That way, my stuff doesn’t get wet.

Worked out.

Today I am headed to my client’s house to do some troubleshooting and swapping of gear. Hopefully it will either resolve the issue, or point to the problem. Some things you can’t do remotely. Poking around in the rack and wiggling cables is one of those things.

In the afternoon, I should be headed over to my buddy’s shop to see what I can do to help him get ready to move.

Those are the plans, but what really happens is subject to change. Always.

Kinda like prepping and disasters. You can plan, but you need flexibility too. Sometimes your plan needs to be discarded and a new plan developed. Sometimes things change or your needs change. It’s worth looking at your assumptions and plans to see if they are still appropriate and serving you well.

You might have to adjust what you’re stacking, where it’s stacked, or who you are stacking for. Grandbabies are a lot different than adult children. Having aging parents, or aging self calls for different approaches than when you were a young buck and could just power through. Besides, you’re smarter now, right?

So stack. Reconsider. And stack some more.


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