Day: May 5, 2024

Sun. May 5, 2024 – supposed to keep raining in Texas

Not so sunny and a bit cool to start, then warming and getting wet with rain later in the day. Raining overnight too. Houston and south are fine so far, but our neighbors to the north and east are flooded, with no relief due for a couple more days at least.

After a night sleeping in my chair, I slept late Saturday. That put me behind all day, and in no mood for hard work. [Insert Highlander quote about mood.] I did some small things related to moving stuff off the “do something to this” pile to the “now do something else with this, in some other place…” pile. Not a lot of actual work got done.

Today should be more productive. After a late start. I will continue pecking away at the mound, while maybe making some small progress on stuff around the house. Best I can do at the moment. Oh, and trying to stay out of my wife’s way…

Do what you can with what you’ve got, when you can. And stack.


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