Day: February 18, 2023

Sat. Feb. 18, 2023 – pick any two…

Cold.  Damp.  Mainly cold.   It was 35F when I went to sleep last night.  The wind had stopped but dang, that’s cold.   It was pretty nice during the day, after a chilly start, but when the nuclear furnace passes out of the local sky, temperatures started to drop, da, drop, drop…

I ended up doing my pickups.   Concrete saw looks complete and came with several blades, including one that is brand new.   If the gas engine runs it will be a great help at the BOL.  I decided to leave it at the house for now, until I get the engine running.   That’s a lot easier where I have all my tools and the internet, and stores nearby.  But that is one more gas engine on the list of stuff to look at…

Hit up Lowes for plumbing stuff.   Hit the Costco for gas ($2.75/gal vs. the Shell station at $3.19) and some food.    There were some of my staples that weren’t there, but they’d gotten some stuff that was missing last visit back into stock.   Prices were mixed.   Lamb is the same, ham is up by 50%.   Chicken is back down to ~1USD /pound for legs.   Catfish is $9/pound.  Rice is up to 80c/pound, so about 50-80% increase.   Pancake mix is now $8 up from $6.      Beef was mixed, but mostly expensive.  Canned beef was $18 for four cans.  That seems crazy high.  They had a bigger variety of coffee than they used to have, and prices weren’t crazy.   Dairy and eggs were good prices, but very low stock.   There are clearly still issues in the supply chain.

Then I got home and got dinner ready.   Decided to head out this morning instead of driving in the dark, and I hadn’t loaded up the stuff from storage yet, and it was late.

Wife and kids have cookie booths all after noon and evening.   I’ll sleep for a bit, then head out.   Plumbing awaits!

Working on the BOL is time well spent.   Further equipping it is money and effort well spent.   There is just so much to do.  Questions like “how many different forms of backup heat do I need there?”, and “will one kero heater be enough? or should I have propane Mr Heaters as backup too?”   “How many fans and electric heaters in case there is power but no propane?”  “Do I split up existing stocks or buy more just for the BOL?”   Well, you get the drift.

I thought I had big stacks.   Now I have two, but they are half the size they were…

So stack some more.   Because two is one and one is none.



regarding the post title, Good, Fast, or Cheap, Pick any two…   in my personal life I lean toward good and cheap but too often find myself picking fast and cheap.   In my previous professional life I was one of the “pros from Dover” and we definitely ran to good and fast.

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