Day: February 5, 2023

Sun. Feb. 5, 2023 – we’re gettin’ the band back together….

Cool to cold in the morning, warming later with clear skies and sun.   I hope.   It was that way on Saturday, even if I didn’t take advantage.

I really don’t know why I make plans at all lately.   Can’t execute them worth a damn.  Oh well.   Did spend some time with D1 in the evening watching movies.   That was probably the best use of time all day.

I’ll pay for my slackitude today and this week though.  I’ve got to get some things done to stay on schedule overall.   Schedules slipping all over the place, stuff going undone.   I need to knuckle down for a week.   Maybe this week will be the one.

Monkeys could fly out of my butt too.

We’ll see.   There will still be stacking going on.   That much can be counted on.

Get out and do something.   Spring will soon be upon us.


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