Day: February 15, 2023

Wed. Feb. 15, 2023 – sometimes things go as planned, and sometimes they don’t…

Warmish, and dampish, with chance of some real rain.   Although the national forecast has us right on the edge of the ‘possible storm’ zone, and that usually means we won’t get rain, it’s still possible.  ‘course pretty much anything is possible but very little of it is likely.

Did some chores yesterday.  Will do some more today.   One of the things I picked up, because it was $3, and ya never know… was a fuel tank.   It’s an OEM or replacement tank for a vehicle of some kind, nicely made from steel.   And the reason I even bid was that I could see that it had a fill hole with a push and twist locking ring for a cap, and it was mostly rectangular.   Most vehicle tanks are very odd shapes, have a big hole for a sending unit, and no way to close up the tank.   I would like to have more bulk fuel storage at the BOL, and it seemed like this might be a cheap way to get some.   I don’t need more projects, so I’ll just put it to the side up there, and when there is opportunity or need, it will be ready.

A lot of my preps are like that.

Putting something aside against a future need, especially if it’s very cheap or easy now, but might be very dear indeed later, seems like a no-brainer to me.   I understand that there are costs associated with doing that.   Opportunity costs with the resources diverted, burdens from storage, etc… but there are benefits too if and when the item or skill is needed.  Fuel is something I’ll need no matter what happens globally.   Water, food, meds, tools, materials- those are also things I know I’ll need to some degree.   Am I prepped past that point?   Or am I short of what my eventual need will be?   Since we can’t predict the future with any certainty, we have to choose what level WE find appropriate.

Some of you think I’m  a nut for having the stuff I have.   Some of you think I’m falling short of where I should be.   I agree with both!   I’m both those things at the same time, for different things, and at different times for the same things.   It’s a continuum.  A journey.  It is fractal and ever changing.   And most of all, for me it’s a way of life now.

I look around and I can’t imagine living any other way.   I can imagine other people living other ways… but I also am imagining those people joining me in getting prepped, to whatever level they think meets their need.   Do it.  Start today.

Stack something.


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