Day: February 6, 2023

Mon. Feb. 6, 2023 – another day another dollar…

Cool, and damp, probably clear.   We should have another day or so of clear which will be nice.  It was gorgeous yesterday.

Wife and D2 were at a camping resort for Saturday evening and Sunday morning, with relatives.   They had fun.  I was home with D1, who mostly stayed in her room and read.  Everyone is home and ready to go back to school today.  Which is fine with me.  I’ve got my own stuff to get done.

Freezer pickup and some other auction stuff being top of the list.  Freezer selling coming soon after that.  Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew in an effort to ‘share the wealth.’  We’ll figure something out.

Figuring it out is my main strategy for pretty much everything.   That and having a bunch of stuff on hand so I have options.

Prepping is about giving your future self options.   Options let you avoid unpleasantness.   They let you  function when others are frozen.  They can save your butt.

Stack up some options.   For health, cooking, water treatment, sanitation, and repair.

You’ll be glad you did.


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