Day: February 9, 2023

Thur. Feb. 9, 2023 – well, there you have it, too many notes…

Cold this morning.  Supposed to be clear and warming later.   We got some rain yesterday after noon.   Depended mostly on what part of town you were in, but with the front came strong winds and a drop in temps. It was 69F when I woke up, and 45F when I went to bed.

Did some errands.   Picked up some auction stuff.   Filled the Ranger with gas at $2.79/gal.   Costco gas was empty.  It was a bit eerie to not have to wait in line.

Was going to shop Costco, but D1 and her friends missed their bus, so she called for a ride home.   It wasn’t their fault, one of the other kids was disruptive while they were doing “rainy day dismissal” and calling each bus number in each classroom.   Got permission to bring her friend and another classmate home too.   Both kids live only a couple of blocks away from us.

But that did eat up an hour of my time.   Plans.  Yeah.  Even when I only kinda sorta make them, the universe laughs at me…

Today, I might try for a pickup.  Or I might do other things.  NOT GONNA SAY.  Maybe I won’t get thwarted.  😉

I’m trying to stack some money by getting some stuff sold, but it’s a slow process for some reason.    I’ll have to stack some stuff instead.

Better get to it.


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