Day: February 1, 2023

Wed. Feb. 1, 2023 – 1/12 of the way…

Cold again.  Wet again.  Overcast again.  Dreary again.   Jeez, it’s the third day of this cr@p and you’d think it was the third year.  It’s winter FFS.

And I’m SOOOOOooooo not looking forward to John Ringo’s prophesy in The Last Centurion coming true so I can enjoy my kula bar.   We don’t want to live in a John Ringo novel.

Spent yesterday doing some things, and going some places.  Ok that’s already old.   Did my errands.   Some of them anyway.   Tried not to tempt the universe by announcing my plans, but I got stuck anyway.

I did get some more stuff out of the toy room/library/future GS cookie warehouse, and the foyer.  More will leave today.  Wife is serious about having my stuff out of the way so the cookies can be dealt with properly.

Tried a new thing for dinner, a Kraft cheesy box meal, chicken with rice and broccoli.   Used two cans of Costco chicken.   Did the optional crushed Ritz cracker topping, toasted brown under the broiler.  It was really good.  Like an old school casserole.    Kids and wife liked it a lot.   Always nice to have another way to use my primary stored protein.

Today will involve some grocery shopping.  Maybe Costco but certainly HEB.  I am out of eggs after we finish this carton.   I could use some more cream too.  And fresh veg if they have any that look ok.  Baked beans in cans.  On sale meat…..   the usual.

Between shopping and cleaning, I’ll try to either do some more organizing at my storage unit, or list some ebay stuff.   I might put a couple of the freezers on craigslist.   I think I’ll hit up a few more friends first though.  Meatspace, after all.

Do what you can to help your friends get ready.  Stack up some good will.  Doesn’t have to be specifically “prepper” just want them to think of you in a positive way.   “Man, Nick really helped us out that time, I’d hate to see anything bad happen to him…”

Stacks of food will help too.


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