Day: February 26, 2023

Sun. Feb. 26, 2023 – can’t think of anything snappy

Warm, wet.  Supposed to be clear.   Didn’t stay clear around here yesterday though.   The overcast came and went but mostly came and stayed.   No precip that I noticed at the house.

I did do a little bit of prep for the hamfest.   Not nearly as much as I wanted to, it was too stinking hot and damp and it was triggering my allergies.   So I found other stuff to do.

I imagine today will be very similar.    I’m not even going to make any other predictions, I’ll just play it by ear with the idea of a hint of a goal somewhere in mind.   Perhaps if I just go with the flow?

I did find stuff in the stacks I’d forgotten about.

It’s important to check and re-stack so you know both what you have and what condition it’s in…

so that when you stack more, it’s the right stuff.   You are stacking more, right?


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