Day: February 10, 2023

Fri. Feb. 10, 2023 – I’ve got 70s rock songs stuck in my head…

Cool and damp.   It was nice and clear all day Thursday, and even warmed up a bit in the afternoon, but was cool again by evening.  49F when I went to bed.

Bus was on time and kids were there just before it arrived.  I really hope we can reset the bedtime, wake time routine so it’s not such a battle getting them out the door.

Did a couple of things around the house yesterday.   Got an NVR set up for the BOL.   Initialized and hard drive installed.   Stole the drive out of a thrift store NVR that I couldn’t get the admin password reset.  I wanted to use it as it has a built in 4 port PoE switch, but now I will just use the drive.   At 2TB it’s a bit small for 4K cams, but I don’t actually have the cams yet.  Supposedly this other NVR has the bandwidth to support 8 streams of 4k.  Tiny little board inside the thing and no memory sticks or big FPGA chips.  No idea how it will actually work with the streams.  I suppose that as long as it doesn’t have to transcode, it doesn’t take much grunt…  Needs an external PoE switch, but I’ve got plenty of those.   About half a pallet load actually.   I have a couple of decent cams somewhere, just need to find them.  And I can order some, during the next budget cycle anyway.

Today should be clear too, and I’ll be headed to my storage unit.  My non-prepping hobby mini-swapmeet is tomorrow and I need to get a few things out and ready to sell.   Interestingly, PPEs are my most steady seller, particularly “reader” safety glasses.   I’ve been trying to refresh my stock, but missed out on a box just yesterday.   Gloves and finger protection do pretty well too.  Not a bunch of money, but pays for my table.   The same things sold well for me at Hamfests.

While I’m there, digging out the correct bins, I’ll do some organizing too.

Checked through a couple of food bins on the shelves here and I’m a bit short on ground coffee, smoked almonds, and M&Ms.   I’m a bit overstocked with maple syrup, pancake mix, and oatmeal.  Our family eating habits have changed.   Something to  watch out for when stacking.

I haven’t seen or heard a possum in a while.   Maybe the giant rats have finally gotten the message and skedaddled.   Time to start cleaning up the mess left behind.   There is definitely food that has been (de)spoiled, and there is debris all through the garage.  Just more things on the list.

I’ll keep plugging away and keep stacking.   Don’t wanna be lackin’.


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