Day: February 13, 2023

Mon. Feb. 13, 2023 – let’s do the time warp again… it’s just a jump to the left

Cool and damp, although maybe less so than yesterday, which was generally nice.  A bit on the cool side but drier than normal too.   It would be nice to have one more clear day before the forecast rain gets here.

I did mostly home stuff yesterday.   So yeah, I’m behind in pretty much everything.  That’s the new normal though, and I’m beginning to just accept that.

Today though, I’ve got a couple of pickups, including the two remaining freezers.   I also sold one freezer and I’ll deliver it on my way to pick up the other two.   Works out ok for both of us, as I’m going that way anyway.  Doing it that way because he wants a white one, and the two down his way are black.   I think I’ve got someone on the line for one of the remaining freezers too.   If not, craigslist or the neighborhood FB page should move them in a  hurry.

Normally the title of the daily post is just whatever was rattling around in my brain when I sat down, and today is no different.  It did occur to me that it would be fairly easy to do a big thoughts post based on it though.   The whole country, or at least the ‘public’ parts has taken a “jump to the left”.   A pretty big one, if you take a step back and consider the changes just in the last few years.   Compare to the turn of the century, and it’s like living on another planet.  Unfortunately the next line in the song is “then a step to the right”.   We’ll need far more than a “step” to get anywhere back to a centrist position or even to a balance between extremes.

I don’t even think a “step” is possible.   The pendulum seems to be swinging farther and faster with every tick and tock.  I’m pretty sure that if we get a real  movement to the right it will be sudden and overwhelmingly violent, and it’ll probably be followed by an even  bigger swing back to the left.  If anyone has any energy or will to do so, that is.   Could be that a violent paroxysm like that sets us all back for decades, and when we do regain our strength, we’ll wake up and realize our time has passed.  Poland or Austro-hungary might be a possible model…

It’s easier to invent the future than predict it, which is one reason that the WEF and the rest of their fellow travelers should be concerning.   They are working to invent the future they want.   Are we?


Stacks will help.  Flexibility will help.  Being surrounded by like minded folks will certainly help.   Work toward those things.




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