Day: February 17, 2023

Fri. Feb. 17, 2023 – standard policy of denial

Colder,  and still damp.  Not a pleasant combination when you are carrying around a bunch of damaged bits and pieces.  I’ve been moving away from cold climates since I was 20.   Yesterday was nice until about 8pm then the temp dropped.   47F when I went to bed.  Misty drizzle periodically throughout the day too.

Did three pickups, chatted with folks at two.  Both agreed that the weirdness seems to be increasing.  I think the distractions have a frantic sense to them, as they become less effective over time.  After all, we’ve gone from accepting gay marriage to cutting off kids’ genitalia and stopping them from having puberty in TEN years.  (H/T JW)  Distractions have to be pretty freaking big when the people have learned to ignore something like that.  Pretty soon a mushroom cloud over Ohio isn’t even enough.

Pay attention.   Improve your situation.  Have somewhere to go.  Avoid notice.  Pull your circle in tight.

Today I’ve got a couple of pickups to do.  I bought a concrete saw to use at the BOL.  I need something to help me up there and it was cheaper than a single blade.   I hope it runs without too much trouble.   I would like to pick it up on my way out of town, it’s in the right direction, but don’t know if I’ll get the rest of my stuff done.   Not even sure if I’m headed out today or tomorrow.   I will be ‘playing it by ear’.

The list at the BOL needs some attention, and it needs it with increasing urgency.  So I will head that way and do those things.   Maybe, I’ll get the crawdad traps in the water, and I’ll get some bugs.   That would be a nice surprise.

Then I just  need to stack the butter and seasoning for the boil!

Stack it up, for all values of ‘it’.


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