Day: February 7, 2023

Tues. Feb. 7, 2023 – Too much caffeine, too late in the day

Cool but not cold.   Damp but not wet.  At least to start out.    Later we might get some rain.   At least the national forecast says it’s possible.  Yesterday was low clouds and cool most of the day, but no rain.  It did get nice and warm in the sun later in the day.

I did some stuff, but not enough.   That means today is a makeup day.   I have to be in Conroe to pick up my new equatorial mount this afternoon, and if I don’t want that to be the only thing I get done, I better get out of the house early.

Who knows what I’ll actually get done, but it needs to be more than cleaning up, sorting stuff, and spending time on the internet with my friends.

Hmm.    There I go, at least it’s not an actual plan, just a goal…   can’t mess with my plans if I don’t make any, right?

Stack something.   (while I mess about)


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