Day: November 18, 2022

Fri. Nov. 18, 2022 – flexibility. it’s not just for russian gymnasts

Cool and clear, warming later.  Small chance of rain.  No chance of snow.  ‘cuz that would be cray-cray…  It was nice most of yesterday, once it warmed a bit.   Long pants and layered tops, but the jacket came off in the early morning.

Did my pickup.  Did a drop off at my auctioneer.   Got 5 or six bins of stuff out of the house.  Got some stuff for the BOL.  No not another freezer!  🙂  Prices are going up even in the secondary market.  I’m losing bids for stuff I would have won last year.

Fortunately, there is very little that I actually need to meet my goals.   I feel like the minimums are pretty well covered, and I’m just building out at this point.   Not that I feel READY for whatever is coming, but I don’t feel doomed.  Which probably just means I’m kidding myself or massively underestimating the bad thing.  I am trying to not bid on stuff I’d like or that I want, just because it’s available.  7 or 8 auctions closed last night and I didn’t win anything.  Didn’t even bid in most of them.

What I did win, I got for an accessory included with the antennas.   That mesh network crypto mining thing I asked about last a week or more ago must really be busted, there are a bunch of antennas in several different auctions.   I don’t need a bunch of 900mhz antennas, but the lightning arrestors might be handy.   They are certainly cheap enough to just grab.  And we will be having our local hamfest in March, so I have a place to easily sell them.  The 900mhz antennas might even sell there, hams have allocations in the band.  Easy to store some meter long sticks.

Today I’ve got to get out to my client’s house.   I wasn’t able to connect remotely.    I watched the video again, but don’t see what I missed so I’ll have to go through it step by step.  Fortunately, now we have the bandwidth on site to watch the video while I’m at the rack, logged into the machine.  That’s to get the VPN running.   The port forwarding is straight forward.  I just have to check my notes and do it.

Be open to opportunities outside your normal range.   Look for alternatives to your normal purchases.  Look for alternative ways to uses what might be available.  And keep stacking what you know you will need.


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