Day: November 16, 2022

Wed. Nov. 16, 2022 – nothing clever, just work

Cold, clear, and damp.   Or maybe not, but probably.  It was 42F last night, and I expect the same this morning.  The clear sky forecast will help with the chilly…  It was pretty chilly most of the day yesterday.  Oddly the mid 40s at 7am didn’t chill me to the bone like usual.   The wind gusts were pretty unpleasant though.

Spent the day at my client’s home, getting his new AT&T business internet fiber service set up.   We put off doing a bunch of networking stuff, mostly related to the Ubiquiti Unifi gear, until we had a decent connection and a way to use it.  That all came home last week, and yesterday.   I think it’s about 95% done at this point.   Some port forwarding, a DDNS service and a VPN, with maybe a VLAN to get the other vendors’ gear off the main network, and we’ll be complete.  Ok, that looks like 85% done.   I’ll try to get back there this week for a couple of hours to do at least the port forwarding and poke at the VPN.

This stuff is a lot easier if you do it all the time, and not once every couple of years.

There were some other issues at the house, including another dead camera from last year’s lightning strike.   In testing it, I also killed a port on the NVR’s PoE switch, so I’ll have to replace that too.  Supply chain issues mean I still can’t replace a dead piece of control hardware either.

Speaking of supply chain, my wife stopped at the store to get some turnips for a dish she volunteered to bring to her office potluck lunch.   She came home quite angry that there were no turnips to be had.   I talk about it, and she nods along, but until SHE went to the store and couldn’t get what she wanted, it apparently wasn’t quite real that things are DIFFERENT now than they were.  She’s even popped into the store for a couple things, and come home saying “everything seemed normal to me” a few times in the last year.   And they might seem normal, if you don’t look, or don’t know what you are looking at.  But they are not normal.

If you don’t see it, when others do, ask yourself if the reason might be that you don’t look for it or recognize it when you do see it.   This applies to more than just the economy of course, and can be difficult or painful to do.  But it’s worth doing, if you are an adult, and live in the world.

Today’s plan is to do more of the things I’ve been letting slide here at home, and some new things.   We’ll see if I get sidetracked, or derailed.  (Train metaphors, from when they were the new hotness…)  Maybe I won’t have the bandwidth, or my buffers will be full…

But I will be working on improving my situation, and finding things to stack.   Because I’m the adult in the room*, and likely, so are you, so get to it.




*and isn’t THAT a terrifying thought?

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